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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aiden's First Dinner Out!

It was such a success.  Now we can't wait to go do a family dinner again!  When Aiden was just one month old we took him out to Olive Garden.  He was quietly awake for a while and then slept through the main meal.  No big deal, he was a newborn still.

Fast forward to now, he is a year old, and isn't soo easily entertained.  We have been hesitant to take him out to a restaurant for dinner, I don't want to be the mom with a misbehaved toddler throwing food everywhere and crying and screaming!  However, on Halloween day we just randomly were out shopping and STARVING and decided no time like the present.

I shouldn't have been worried.  He was a prince.  He tried to color while we waited for drinks, then decided to eat the crayons.  Next up he drank his milk from his big boy cup with a straw.  The best part, for him I think, was the bread sticks.  Once those bread sticks showed up he was a happy camper.  We gave him half a bread stick to start with and he took off perfect size bites and ate the entire thing.  In total he ate about 1.5 bread sticks by himself.

We ordered him the kids cheese ravioli and he ate about half of that with my mom's help.  He flirted with people at nearby tables, tried to offer the man next to us some of his bread stick and he giggled.  He was such a well behaved little boy, even the family next to our table was impressed. 

I can't wait to try it again, we are thinking red robin this time, a bit more fun for him I think. 

For added amusement, I was pulling the tail off of one of my shrimps and the tail flew into the air and landed in my diet coke.  I was soo sad.  Kris and my mom couldn't stop laughing at me, here is a picture that Kris just HAD to take.  You can't tell very well, but that gray piece on the right side isn't ice, it's a shrimp tail.... sad story.


Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time! We take L out regularly and he usually does awesome, at Red Robin he loves the mandarin oranges as a side (since he can share our fries as well)

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