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Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Scooby Doo was a big hit! Aiden got to go trick or treating not once, but twice this year. On Friday my mom’s work was having a trick or treat and Halloween party for all employees and families. There was a big turn out and Aiden ended up being the hit of the party. Everyone who saw him commented on how wonderful his costume was and how realistic he was. He would even “woof” when asked to.

Aiden got to be a pro at picking up candy and putting it in his bag. He would look for a minute and then pick one and drop it in his bucket. Then he often tried to go back for more. One of my mom’s coworkers even gave him her plastic pumpkin she had her candy in because he liked it so much. We had a lot of fun. Aiden loved a little dinosaur and a little lady bug. One man was a penguin and Aiden wasn’t so sure about that.

His second adventure in trick or treating wasn’t as much of a success. On Halloween night itself Aiden was sound asleep at 7pm and we decided we better wake him up or he wouldn’t be going out at all. We took him first to visit his Lola and Aunts {Kris’ family} and they thought he was just the bee’s knees. He had fun taking ALL of their candy. Then we just went walking around the 1 block area by the house.

I carried him around because he was kind of grumpy. He did smile for the people who had dogs and one old man, but otherwise he was not so social. Guess that’s what happens when you wake him up. Once we got back around to the house he trick or treated there too. He grabbed the big bowl of candy and his Lolo and poured it all on the floor – then proceeded to take the candy. He sure is a cute kid.

All the pictures here are from his first day trick or treating. Kris and I are already worrying about how we are going to surpass such a great costume next year!


Unknown said...

cute...keep on posting..


Jennifer said...

Aiden makes a super cute Scooby Do! Christopher wanted to be that too, but I had already bought him Batman. I might have to get it for next year. Looks like you all had a great time :)

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