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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Healing Touch

It's amazing what a healing touch can do.  My husband had carpal tunnel surgery in both of his hands 4 years ago.  Around Aiden's birthday he started feeling some pain and tingling in his hands again.  He thought he had ruined the surgery and was going to need to redo it. 

Over the next month the pain turned into a strong numbing and loss of grip and flexibility.  We finally saw a dr who said it was NOT his carpal tunnel.  That he needed to see a neurologist.  Talk about scary.  We can't afford to go to one, and there was talk of needing to get and MRI or Cat scan to see what kind of nerve damage there was. 

My mom convinced us to take Kris to her Chiropractor.  We went and within 1 day he was already feeling better in his hands.  It was amazing.  In 3 visits over the length of one week his hands are back to full function and not pain or tingling.  It turns out that his back was messed up and it was causing his nerves to pinch and lose function. 

I know a lot of people don't go to chiropractors or get massage therapy or even acupuncture, but after seeing how quickly my husband was healed by just a little back work I am convinced it's better than any surgery or medicine.  It was soo impressive that my mother-in-law is going in today to see about her back pain since her dr. just keeps giving her news medicines. 

I'm even more convinced now that some dr's are just in it for themselves.  Obviously not all, but my mother-in-laws dr for example doesn't "believe" in any alternative medicine and has been putting her on steroids which can be addicting and constantly changing her dosage and yet she is still having pain.  He wants her to do x-rays and such too.  I really believe that after a few visits she will be feeling much better as well and hopefully can stop the meds.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad his hands are feeling so much better!!

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