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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Writers Workshop - College - Drunk Bowling

4.) Share a story from your college years

Oh to just pick one is tough.  However, the one that generally comes to mind is "Drunk Bowling".  It's really not as fun as it sounds... at least it wasn't for me!

So it was a weekend night and I work close (I was a store manager) for a campus coffee shop/internet cafe'.  I didn't get off work until after midnight but there were plans for a group of my friends to go bowling.  Of course bowling alley's have beer to purchase, so they planned to share a few pitchers while hitting the lanes, and they'd been drinking while waiting for me to get off work.  I was underage.

D-Rock and I - clearly wasted on another night

Fast forward - off work now.  My friend Derek - aka D-Rock - was also working with me that night and underage, so once off work we were supposed to "catch up" and then we'd all head to the bowling alley.  They pick us up and take us to my friend Chris's place.  Tequila shots were handed out.  After 2 D and I were still feeling nothing, so of course we took back a few more shots.  A handful of shots, a quick "snack" and off we went.  You can imagine where this is going...

Somewhere between Chris' apartment and the bowling alley, the Tequila kicked in.  Oh how I love me some Tequila, seriously, I do love it.  I remember getting shoes and setting up a cool nicknames on the screen, and it starts to go downhill from there.  Derek of course was holding strong just being nice and drunk, but I was not doing so hot.  It was my first turn up, and I remember starting to pull my arm back and then forward to release.... Boom - the ball drops hard on the floor.  No where even close to the lane.  I don't actually recall if I made another attempt or got the ball down the lane at all.

Different night, but Chris and I drunk again
My next memory is telling my friend Alison and my roommate Ashely that I needed to go to the bathroom.  My memory is gone from here on out for awhile.  I think Alison helped me to the bathroom, I can still hear her laughter. 

Next thing I can recall is Derek and Chris coming in the bathroom and Alison and Ashley taking off my bowling shoes for me while I was laying on the floor hovering over a toilet bowl asleep.  Chris and Derek pulled me out and took me to the car.  I was told I got sick getting into the car but managed to make it home.

Fast forward - I remember waking up to Chris snoring nearby, and being on the bathroom floor of my apartment with a blanket and pillow.  My poor friends had no idea that when I feel sick I like to sleep in the bathroom, so they said they fought me for awhile before giving up and just letting me sleep there.

Needless to say I didn't win that game, but they played on and had a good night.  To this day it's one of my most, or in this case least, memorable college stories!  Next time I'll tell you about the one and only time I tried pot - and the same group tried to play Pictionary.  Oh I was a real treat in college!


Carolina said...

The fun things we try while in college!

The Sweetest said...

Oh, the ol' Bathroom Passout routine. I knew that one well.

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