Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Enough is Enough! Wow this got long.... sorry!

So here I sit, no baby, not in a hospital room, just in bed (I did put on jeans today though) and I'm watching the news at noon. OH as a side note my dad just called and is gonna take me McDonald's for lunch! Woot. *INSERT* It's now 330 as I finish this blog - whoops!* Anyway, I am sitting here waiting for Aiden. It's getting boring. I feel like I'm being tricked and God is just laughing, as is my son. I keep thinking "oh, these contractions are worse, this could be it". Then they stop. Plus I have the beauty of pregnancy "leaking" issues and keep asking myself "is this enough to be my water slowly leaking, maybe, or did I sneeze earlier and just forget?" It's really getting annoying second guessing everything my body does or creates.

As of today, I quit. I am not going to try and decode these clues, I am just telling myself he WILL NOT be here until Wed when I go to the hospital to get him evicted. That's just how it is, the kid isn't going to come in the middle of the night. I mean we are in the home stretch, so he will be here before I know it anyway. Plus I'm starting to panic about being ready. I sit here looking at the pack n play with the arms reach sleeper thing attached so he can sleep in our room for a few weeks and just can't picture that by the weekend I will have my son sleeping there. I'm scared. I just am baffled it will actually happen soon. I have things I should do to better prepare, like the last load of baby laundry, but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm not sure why.

I'm even getting calls now asking if he is here yet. My mother is law, who I love and know was just being sweet, called this morning to check on me. She asked how I was and I said "good, just making breakfast" and then she goes "any baby yet?". Umm, yes, yes I had him this morning after Kris left and am just holding him while I make toast. Didn't think I would inform anyone, especially not your son, just was gonna let it be a surprise! OF COURSE NO BABY! I just said I was making breakfast! Oh boy, I know people are well meaning, but it makes me laugh... like I won't put out a huge announcement. I think it just annoys me because it's another reminder that nothing is going on and I'm still waiting.

So beyond baby news...or lack there of.... I have also had ENOUGH of Jon & Kate. Seriously. Kris and I used to LOVE them. We watched them all the time, we compared ourselves to them, in the whole he is asian and all the kids look like him (like I want ours to look like Kris) and so on. Now this whole media business is making us HATE them. I mean everyone is soo against Jon, and yes, he's a bit of a douche these days, but did any of these people ever watch the show from season 1? Did people just forget how many times she yelled and belittled him and treated him like crap on their family show? I don't blame him for wanting out, I'd EXPECT Kris to leave me if I treated him like total crap! And in the last few seasons it's only gotten worse, and it's obvious that she was out doing her book tour and such and he even said on the show he wasn't sure he wanted to do another season. Then they ended up doing another one, and that is when it all went to crap. Why do you think they did another season, I'm pretty sure it wasn't at his urging!

Now everyone is on Kate's side that "oh she's doing it for the kids" that's BULL. And today she is claiming Jon stole all this money from her - again I call BULL. I'm sorry, you can't tell me that deceptive woman doesn't have money put away, she is selfish and I highly doubt that what she is claiming all over tv about having bills she can't pay is true. Kate wants to have a talk show now and be all famous. She could do just as well financially doing something a little less time consuming and in the spot light and earn just as much for her kids. I think she is just a fame glutton and refuses to give that up now that her show may be in the gutter. She could do a clothing line for like Walmart or something that will give her tons of money and using her "thrifty mom" knowledge and not have to be out of town on tv all the time. She was a nurse for crying out loud, do something you used to be passionate about, find a way to use those skills instead of running off your mouth and being bitchy for the world to see and judge you. Damn I'm sick of her! I'm sick of people taking her side. She is just as much a piece of crap as Jon is, but she isn't getting trashed for it because she has the kids. OH PLEASE - she has nanny's, she isn't even raising her own kids. Where are the kids when she is on the View every other day or the Today show running her mouth? ANYONE forget that on the episodes she was always yelling at the kids and not exactly being a prime example of a loving mother??

Wow, sorry, i'm just sick of it. Pisses me off. Jon isn't a saint, I'm not taking his side, he's a douche and looks like a pudgy little man whore these days, but I doubt he stole her money. He was abused on the show all the time, I don't think he knows how to stand up for himself as it is.

Okay rant over, I'm getting myself worked up over stupid non-celebs. I just get annoyed when I can't watch a morning show without hearing about them and half the daily updates on People.com are all about them. Geez - isn't there more important news out there? Like shouldn't SOMEONE be talking about how I'm bored at home waiting for my baby? Yeah, I think so too!


Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

Oh God, reading this brought me back a few months (8 to be exact...wow has it really been EIGHT since I had my baby?!) and I know exactly what you're saying. The anticipation and the nerves and the disbelief and the "yeah you would've HEARD if there was a new human BEING in your FAMILY!"...there's nothing quite like those last few days...except for the first few days as new parents! :p

I'll be thinking of you over the next couple of days!!

**Easy labor vibes**

Ashley said...

PLEASE DO THE AWARD!!! I Just got lazy with the linking!!! hold on, I am going to tag you in my next post for it! haha. I am working on post 3 for the night!

Erin said...

I agree with you, I am tired of the whole Jon and Kate issues. All she wants is to be in the spot light!

And I can only imagine how tired you are of being pregnant, hope all goes well...and soon!!!

I'm Jamie said...

Oh wow- I remember how much I HATED those last 2 weeks. Jackson decided to grace us with his presence at 39 weeks 6 days... not a day sooner, despite the "signs" that he was going to be early. I was so miserable waiting for him. And I totally commiserate with the leaking-- I remember not being able to sleep (aside from the discomfort) because the slightest dampness and I would think, "WAS THAT MY WATER?!?!"

Hang in there-- you will have your bundle of joy in your arms before you know it!!

Ashley said...

OK, I tagged you in the award. I did like 4 posts today/tonight, but I tagged you in the end of this post (purple writing):

Ashley said...

haha, I have already commented twice, but not about your post. I CAN NOT imagine the wait and anticipation of a baby's arrival!!! I would be going crazy too!
As for Jon and Kate. I hear you girl. I remember how mean Kate was. My husband used to comment about how mean Kate was to Jon before they ever separated (when I forced my hubs to watch the show against his will that is!) I agree, Jon got sick of it. His wife being the “head” and leader of their big family, his wife being the decision maker ALL the time, and the fame got to him! A lot of people and the media were commenting on how Kate belittled him on the show before they ever split. He obviously heard this too, and felt liberated when he realized some people felt bad for him, and viewers noticed the control his wife had over him. In the beginning of all this, people were on his side, and felt bad for him. He took that sympathy and ran a bit too far. He was controlled by her for so long, and he was young when they started having all those kids. Her controlling ways and treating him like one of the kids obviously got to him! A person can only be so easy going and complacent for so long! My husband is VERY easy going, and has been since the day I met him, but a few months after we got married, I tried taking advantage of his easy going nature (not on purpose, but it was just so easy). Eventually, he stood up to me, and I did not LIKE it at first. I did not like it AT ALL! But, honestly, I respected him more for NOT letting me walk all over him. After 2.5 years of marriage, things are balanced now. I do SOMETIMES wish my husband still let me say what I want, do what I want, and that he was always A-OK with me being in charge. But, I don’t think I would respect him as much if he let me always do things my way. I am grateful that my husband challenges me, and does not always agree with “My Way”. I really noticed this when we bought our house and adopted our dog in May of this year. I will be so grateful when we have children, because his parenting views and ideas are different than mine, but I think a balance of our ideas will be just perfect!
Wow. My comment was almost as long as your post, but I just got excited about your post and rant about Jon and Kate.

I hope Aiden comes soon!

Kim Lehnhoff said...

I just read this to my husband...he likes you, and thinks you are wise beyond your years.

Of course, that may also be because he agrees with everything you said about Evil Kate.

She's a major control freak - you know she has numerous accounts, and it rankles to think that she's bitching about not being able to pay her bills when The Mister and I are managing okay with both of us being unemployed.

I almost had Coke Zero through my nose when I read about the "eviction" planned for tomorrow.

Sending you warm thoughts and an easy labor and delivery.

I look forward to your next post about how adorable young Master Aiden is!

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