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Monday, October 19, 2009

Momma's First Paranoid Moment!

So I wasn't a paranoid preggo, I didn't call the dr. at all, I didn't take trips to Labor & Delivery, I just wasn't a worry wort. Times change when you have a baby. Aiden had a rash all over his back, chest, and arms. I wasn't worried at first, but then it got worse. I decided he must have really sensitive like his mommy and we switched to a new detergent last night (Purex free & clear because mommy can't ONLY use Purex or Gain on herself...) and I rewashed all his newborn stuff and blankets. Well by ends night I was still worried and I felt like he was breathing funny while he was nursing. He would suck for a few minutes then he would stop and act like he was having trouble breathing. Mommy instinct kicked in and I started crying and started thinking he was fussier... after having MY mom walk over at 10pm and examine him I decided for my own peace of mind I had to go to the ER.
Fast forward an hour and we are at the ER. It went really quickly and the new hospital not far from us was super nice (the hospital he was born at was 20 minutes away you see, the new one is only 10 minutes up the road). The nurses did their thing, and as soon as the saw his chest one said "oh that's just newborn rash, don't worry". And then they were all like "so.... what do you mean breathing funny?!?" Like I was making it up. I told them about the gasping while breathing. They let me give him a bottle I grabbed before we left and sure enough mommy was right!! She came back in about halfway through daddy feeding him and told me that his monitor was going crazy and he did seem to be having some trouble while eating. She then told us to feed him a bottle on his side mimicking the breastfeeding positions I use. Sure enough little man was fine on the monitor. So moral of the story is he can't breathe eating on his back and he has to eat on his side. I wonder if this has anything to do with his cord around his neck twice??

The nurses overall were kinda rude, acted like we were just dumb first time parents. Made both Kris and I a bit frustrated. Obviously our son knows a thing or two about his mom and dad because the nurse went to check his diaper and he had explosive poop right at her. It just shot out of his butt and sprayed the bed, right at her, the floor. Made Kris and I feel vindicated. :)

Their was a highlight of the night though... Little man was 6lbs 15oz at birth, he came home a week ago today at 6lbs 3oz. He had lost more than the desired 10% of his body weight. At his 1st pedi appointment on Wed (2days later) he was up to 6lbs 7oz. His dr said "I doubt he really has gained that much in 2 days, the scales from here to the hospital probably just don't match, but he has gained something for sure". Yeah well his Dr. will be eating his words at Aiden's 2 week appointment this Friday! He told us he hoped to see Aiden back to birth weight this coming Friday, last night at the ER he was at 7lbs 7oz!! That's right folks...my kid is a piggy. He likes mom's boob, just as much as his dad, and has put on an entire pound in a matter of 3 days. I am anxious to see his weight again on Friday and see his Dr's reaction!

Oh and one last thing from last night, the stupid nurse walked in asked "was he full term" and I said yes, 39w3d and she goes, "well did the dr's talk to you about his being younger than thought, he doesn't look like a 39weeker...". I said "no, actually my original due date was 2 weeks earlier, so if anything he'd be older. She just said "oh". Like she is an expert at judging babies! She deserved the poop on her!


Crystal said...

Argh...sometimes hospital staff can be so rude! Good for you for following your instincts - and I'm glad the nurse got poop on her. Does your hospital ER have a children's side? I find that the hospitals that have a children's ER are a little more understanding and not so snippy.

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