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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Other Aiden news.... sleeping in his big boy crib and recent pics!

So we decided this weekend to move our bedroom furniture around.  This made the choice to take down the Pack n' Play an easy one.  There wasn't as much room and we thought he might be ready for his big boy bed and his big boy room.  The first night went super well.  We only had to get a paci for him 3 times.  All 3 times once he had his paci back he was sound asleep.  The 2nd night we only had to "find the paci" twice for him, at 2am and 5am.  We were still getting to sleep from about 10pm until about 7am.  Night 3 was AWESOME.  He was put down (we put him to bed drowsy) at 10 and was out like a light.  I woke up at 6am and had a panic moment realizing that we hadn't heard a peep from him all night!  Kris went in and he was stiring a bit, so in the paci went and we all slept another 2 hours.  I was in shock to get 8 solid hours of sleep.  It was wonderful. 

Overall I'm soo glad we made the move now instead of waiting until 6 months like I originally planned.  He is sleeping better, I think part of that is we keep the heat going in his room (ours was always cold) and we are sleeping much better too.  It makes us laugh to see how he ends up in his crib too.  We go in to see him and he is always twisted funny and at the top of the crib, flat smushed into the breathable bumper etc.  I will try to get a picture of him all sprawled out, but well, I don't want to risk waking him up with the flash.

In other news he has discovered the patio door.  We moved the living room around and put him jumperoo by the slider so he can look outside.  I think the sunny weather is exciting to him.  It's cute to watch him when Kris takes him out and stands on the patio for a few minutes.  I can't wait until there are birds outside in our big trees for him to see.  He also found his feet this week.  He's been staring at them for a while now, but due to his round tummy he couldn't reach them - now he won't stop!

Here are a few pics from a "photo shoot" he had with his daddy, him finding his feet and his cool dude outfit...


Ashley said...

LOok at those eyes! AND Those legs!! Those are some strong legs! he could be a ski racer! :)))

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