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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aiden is 15 Months old!

Where did my baby boy go?  He's all grown up now and I can't handle it!  He is soo much fun at this age, and for the most part really well behaved. 

Aiden is:
85% for weight at 27.6lbs
99% for height at 35.5inchs - almost 3 feet!  He has always been 99% for height!

He took his shots like a big boy, they were in his arms this time and it made it worse.  He actually saw it happening and the look on his face was awful, he was soo upset and the big tears.  The nurse had a hard time holding him to give him his shots, she said "boy he's strong!" and Kris had to help hold him.  Also the nurse forgot that he was only 15 months old!  The Dr. said he's doing great, and would like him to be off the bottle at 18 months.

-   He got his first real haircut, bye bye curls.
-   He has 14 teeth cut
-   He wears mostly 24 month and 2T because he's soo long.
-   He laughs when he farts
-   He copies you when you burp, cough or make any other mouth noise
-   He ate part of his first crayon this week, hello blue poop!
-   He managed to open his bedroom door by himself yesterday
-   He can go up and down stairs standing holding the wall/the rail or you hand with one hand
-   He can climb up onto EVERYTHING - desks, beds, toilets, tubs, bar stools etc, climbs down too
-   He sits in chairs likes a big boy to eat, doesn't like to use his booster or high chair
-   He can tell you what he wants, he will grab your arm and pull you and then point or just stand and point
-   He still won't sleep through the night consistently which sucks for us
-   He hasn't eaten much if any baby food in months, he still likes the Gerber snacks though
-   He can open all boxes, latches, locks
-   He turns on and off the lights and knows "on and off" if you ask him

-   Here is a list of words he can say:  Bye, No, Yes, Woof Woof for dog {he makes the sound}, Nana for banana, mama, Dad {he yells this often}, Yeff {as in uncle Jeff}, Bra {as in uncle Brock}, he says Lola sometimes and has said "Lita" which is his Lola's name, all done, duck, uh-oh, good girl, thank you, hello, ahh {like to open his mouth and eat", nigh nigh, he has said a few phrases like "that one", "right there", he knows "book" and bath he says "baff", he says "ha" for hot, he understands sit, lie down, bring it to me or "share".  That's just the things I can think of off the top of my head.


Nessa said...

what a tall boy! He is such a cutie.

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