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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Granny on Christmas

Christmas was always my Granny's favorite holiday.  That's where my mom and I got it from.  We love the presents, the decorating, the songs, spending time as a big family.  We took Aiden and my brother to see Granny on Christmas Day after we did our presents.  It was soo very special.  Granny loved on Aiden just as usual, she even talked baby talk to him and played with him.  It was priceless and I'm soo glad that we have these memories on film.  Also I was carrying my red clutch and in true Granny fashion she noticed my purse.  She is where I get my purse obsession from, and even though she may not know who I am some days, she ALWAYS knows my purse!  This time she refused to give it back to me so I had to empty it out and I gave it to her for Christmas.  She even knew who we were for a bit.  She also said Brock was her favorite, always has been, but now he has to compete with Aiden.  It was really amusing and just like Granny.  Here are the pictures...

 She recognized us, it was really special.

Just like Granny, even if she doesn't understand or remember anything she lights up when she see jewelry, babies and purses. 

AIden trying to push Granny in her big stroller chair.  :) 
An old fashioned stroller Kris and I found.  It was the neatest thing ever and I'm sure the really old residents push it around.
You couldn't understand her, but you knew she was talking baby talk.  You can even see it in this picture how sweet you is talking to Aiden.

 Papa and Granny on Christmas.

She wouldn't give that purse back at all!  She even started to cry when I took it away to take my stuff out of it.
Letting granny have my purse.


Gina said...

What a wonderful memory to have. Thanks for sharing!

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