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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ode To Potatoes - Writer's Workshop

Oh Potatoes how I love thee,
let me count the ways...

I love thee baked and soft
with plenty of buttery goodness,
sour cream and cheese to top it off
a meal in itself.

Red or Russet,
big or small,
it matters not to me
wonderful they all are.

I love thee fried
southern style please,
with scrambled eggs
and bacon to boot.

I love thee when you are french fried and salty
with ketchup and mustard,
mixed if you would
or ranch to dunk you in

I love thee in homemade potato soup
such a comfort food,
on a cold fall day,
with melted cheese floating on top
and crusty bread
Oh Potatoes,
how great are you
so filling and versatile
you are my favorite food.

Join Mama Kat and write a poem about your favorite food!


Anonymous said...

I took this prompt, too! I wrote an "Ode to a Stale Cookie." This was one of my favorite prompts to write for! Now, you've got me craving french fries...yum!

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

mmm. Yum!

All of these food prompts are making me so hungry! :)

Bees With Honey said...

I only love potatoes because they end up in French Fries and I love my fries!!!!

Visiting via Mama Kat's!

Come visit me at www.beeswithhoney.com

Kelly said...

Haha! My sister loves potatoes just as much as you. I call her the "Potato Princess". Too funny.

Jenny said...

This is the second post that mentions Fries and now I think I need some. Great poem.

lisa said...

Yes... I love potatoes, too... almost any way. Did you mention potato salad? or mashed... nom, nom... anyway but raw, but wonderful in its starchy goodness. I think I need a trip to the market. Your descriptions just made my mouth water. Great job!

Brooke said...

So cute! Even if I don't love potatoes as much as you do ; )

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