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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Do you have a dream space?  You know, something you just have it your head and you wish one day it will come true?  I do, it's a nice space for crafting.  Right now I sew on a desk in the corner of our bedroom.  It's certainly not the best.  Overstock.com wrote me and asked me to talk about some of their products, I think it's the perfect opportunity to put my dream space down to share with you all.  Without further ado.... some of the things I dream of.

1}  Let's start with Cabinets.  This is the White Finish Tall Microwave Cabinet, Item#: 11086738.  I realize it says it's a microwave cupboard, but it seems perfect to me!  It's hard to tell with the image above, but the top portion has glass doors.  Can't you just image a neat folded stack of beautiful fabrics through those doors?  You could keep a small machine on the shelf the microwave is supposed to go, like a serger or bobbin winder.  I'd put together a notebook with all my patterns and tutorials and have that handy too!  It has a pull out drawer and 2 additional shelves on the bottom with a door.

2}  Area Rugs.  Hand-woven Bosstyn Aqua Blue Wool Blend Rug (8' x 11'), Item#: 13293801.  Is this not the most vibrant color ever?  I found the framed mirror first, which comes later, but this rug was a wonderful addition to my dream space.  I would love to have everything white and classic and then have these bright pops of color! 

3}  Bookcase.  Verena Contoured Leveled Display Cabinet/ Bookcase, Item#: 12114971.  I love this multi-leveled shelf.  I would put some beautiful vases on it, perhaps a few frames and this would be a wonderful place to line up some small glass jars with different colored buttons or add a rod and hang rolls of ribbon. 

4}  Desks.  White Writing Desk, Item#: 80071032.  I realize this desk is a writing desk and not a sewing desk.  I don't care.  I love the handles, I love the clean simple look of it.  Ideally I would get two of them and put them together in an L-shape.  I could have my cutting mat on one desk and my machine on the other.  It does have a pull out drawer for a keyboard, assuming you'd put a computer on there.  I would probably put whatever current pattern I happen to be using there to keep it close, or maybe some of the smaller quilt pieces I won't use right away so they don't get lost on the table.

5}  Office Furniture.  Manhattan Conference White Chair, Item#: 11231802.  I just LOVE that this sleek modern desk chair has no arms.  Most desk chairs that swivel have arms, but when I'm sewing and cutting up and down to cut or measure I find that the arms on a chair get in the way.  Problem solved this with beauty.  It's made with solid steel framing and washable leatherette material - essential when you have kids {or a mom who loves coffee while she sews... hehe}. 

6}  Table Lamps.  Yoko 17-inch Accent Lamp (China), Item#: 10571683.  I am totally digging the aqua and green lamps shown.  I can see putting one of each on different shelves of the bookcase above, or putting one of each on the 2 desks.  They add a little color and fun while of course being super functional.  You need good lighting to create beautiful work!

7}  Mirrors.  Recycled Wood Maha Jigsaw Framed Mirror (Thailand), Item#: 13359102.  The jigsaw style wood frame is handmade with recycled wood from old boats and houses in Thailand.  I saved the best for last!  This framed mirror is what would really make the space.  I just LOVE how unique this piece is.  The best part is it is only $79.99!  I could even get 2 for that price and hang them horizontally next to each other.  So beautiful!

So there you have it.  Some of the things I would buy from overstock.com if I have the money, and of course the space!  What would you buy?  Do you have a dream space or are you redecorating a home?  Well you are in luck - stop dreaming like me and actually go buy something! 

Overstock.com gave me and my readers a wonderful chance to save 10% off!  The promotional code is:  121745.  It can be used only once by each email, but it has no expiration date!  Use it now, or save it for later.  It does exclude movies, books, and electronics, however, if you are buying electronics, here is a handy code for free shipping!  202234. 

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.


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