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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sick Boy & A Video

We have had a sick boy on our hands.  He got his shots on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday he started running a fever.  We thought at first it was just normal reaction to the shots, gave him Tylenol and went about our way.  He wouldn't eat much either, but we all had sore throats so we thought perhaps he did too. 

Wednesday night I was rocking him to sleep {an hour early because he seemed worn out and not feeling well} and 4oz into his bedtime bottle the kid went exorcist on me.  He spewed milk like a hose on high and it not only got ALL over me, but about 2.5feet away.  It was projectile vomit at it's best.  I'd never seen anything like it!  We took his temp because he was burning to the touch, 102.2.  Called the pedi.
They said it was most like the stomach bug going around or a virus.  To try Motrin instead and push pedialyte and no milk.  So we finally got him to sleep that night.  At 2am his fever was back up to 103!  By morning it was only down to 102.6.  So we went in to have him looked at.  Poor guy, they did a strep test which was awful for him, but he passed it.  It appears to be just a virus. 

The pedi said so long as he doesn't puke he can eat what he wants when he tells us he's hungry.  That he will probably have a high fever for 72 hours and if it isn't going down by Sunday to come back in.  Poor little guy, he's just been laying around in footie jammies and watching cartoons.  Eating chicken noodle soup and mini saltines.  He did start drinking milk okay again today without getting sick, but his fever is still 102.9 as of an hour ago.

Anyone else have a little one sick right now?  Is Special Agent Oso as much of a comfort to you as it is in our house?   I am enjoying all the extra cuddles and seeing my boys be sweet together, but it's really sad too.

Here is a video of sick boy waiting at the dr's.  He learned to drink from a real cup by himself without spilling. 


Nessa said...

awwe - I hope he feels better soon.

I'm Jamie said...

That video is so cute! Sick and all!
I love how he says "ahh" at the end of a big sip!

I'm sorry everyone's been sick... I'll pray for speedy recoveries!

p.s. 26" is just insane... does he get frequent headaches?? ;) HA!

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