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Monday, January 31, 2011

We Love Cloth!

Cotton Babies opened up a store here in vancouver wa!  Soo exciting to have a local store near us {the others are only in Missouri!}.  I don't know why they randomly picked here, maybe it has to do with all the Portland Or hippies!  lol

Anyway, they had a grand opening this Saturday and were giving away free diapers. Of course I didn't get lucky enough to win one, but Mom, Aiden and I had a really good time standing in line for almost 3 hours and buying more cloth diapers! They had a great sale, I ended up with 2 hemp inserts and 8 new diapers! Here are some pictures from Aiden's first "stand in line for hours" event. {It won't be his last either, we are line standers for concerts, openings and sales on Black Friday!}

The line went to the back of the building and wrapped around back to the front.
 Aiden trying to make friends.
 Mommy and Aiden in line.

He is giving this girl a look like she made fun of his leash backpack.

The building from across the lot.
 They had yummy mini-cupcakes and drinks and cookies once you got inside.
 He was such a GOOD BOY!  He didn't really get fussy the entire 3 hours in line at all.

My loot!  4 AIO BG's on clearance {I'm going back for small ones for future babies too!}, a Blueberry cow print, a Swaddlebees lemon-lime dot, 2 BG's artist series and 2 hemp liners!
Aiden sporting one of his new diapers this morning.


Anonymous said...

Kind of jealous of your line-standing patience as I have ZERO. Seriously, that is why I hate Disney World!
And you look GREAT!

It's A Mom Thing said...

No way! A Youtube momma who does Vlogs also went to that SAME Cotton Babies store! You should check her out, Carla The Bubblelush.

Nice to see how many locals there are cloth diapering, eh?! We have NO cloth diapers sold in stores here in FL :-(

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

So, what is your favorite cloth diaper? We are using Fuzzi Bunz but I have no others. Just curious what you find to be best!

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