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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No more Izzy on Grey's...

Anyone else disappointed in Katherine Heigl?  I know I am.  She has officially left the show Grey's Anatomy.  {via}  I'm not as much disappointed that she is leaving the show, I mean no one can stay on a show forever, plus I do love her movies and wouldn't mind her making more.  I am disappointed in HOW she left the show. 

She was on only one episode after her maternity leave was up.  The thing about it is that that one episode didn't bring us viewers ANY closure.  She was hardly even on it.  I think she owed it to her fans if not the producers of the show to come back at least 1 more episode and close up the story line between her and Alex.  It just is sad.  I realize that she adopted a daughter and she decided her family was more important than her job, but you would think the decent thing to do would be to make a deal like "I'll give you one episode to close up lose ends if you let me out of my contract early".  I mean doesn't she care that the negativity of her abrupt leaving will follow her?  What happens if she is mid-movie and adopts another daughter?  Wouldn't you, if you were the film producer, worry that she'd just up and stop filming? 

I guess I kind of just feel like she is using her daughter as a bit of an excuse to get out of working on the show and do more movies.  I mean we all use our kids as an excuse sometimes, I know I have to get out of going somewhere or seeing people.  Never in a really serious way, but sometimes he has been fussy and I just don't feel like visiting so I say "I'm sorry, Aiden has been fussy I don't think today is a good day".  I just leave out the "and I don't feel like visiting part".  I wish she would have said "I just don't want to do this show anymore" earlier so that the one episode she did come back for could have been more significant.  I know her daughter is very important and has special needs and may need more attention, but I highly doubt she is going to stop making movies, and don't they take more time and energy out of you as an actor than having a set schedule?  Just like most women who quit a job she should have helped train a replacement or given a 2 week notice.  Or does the fact she is a celebrity and has more money than all of us mean she doesn't need to stick to her agreements or bother with being considerate for the people who made her who she is?

My feelings as a fan have been hurt. She's still pretty though and how adorable is her little girl, right?


Kim said...

I did not know she had actually left. I guess I should have known because she was only on that one episode. Wow, I am shocked.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this. I used to think she was such a beautiful person, but after all the Greys drama that has surrounded her and all her comments and stuff I've just lost some respect. I'm just hoping maybe the media just paints her in a bad light and that she's really a gem :)

Ashley said...

I didn't know she left for good!
That is rude. I like closure!
And, I am still mourning over the loss of George!

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