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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday!

So let's just dive right in this week to the first date.  Ali picked her first one-on-one date with Frank.  If you recall Frank is my wild card - not sure I like him, but it's got that quirky thing going.

Frank's Date:  Can we say DITZY.  Ali is either really dumb or she is really good at playing blonde and ditzy.  When the car broke down she was all "ahh, I can't believe this is happening".  I just rolled by eyes.  Then they went and got stalked by the paparazzi which isn't strange for a first date or anything.  I mean you can't really be yourself when you are being hounded by people who think you are a celebrity.  Finally they got away from all the chaos and hiked to the big Hollywood sign.  Now that my friends was a neat experience.  I don't like how she played it all we are special no one gets to do this.  She isn't super special, ABC is!  It was neat for Frank though and what a perfect spot for their first kiss.

Group Date:  I will admit to missing some of this due to some child care I had to do.  Hello Speedos though!  I missed some of that part but I did look up enough to see a lot of skin.  Not all of those guys should be sporting that look, but some of them can wear a speedo very well!  A calendar though?  Please.  Save that for sexy firemen!  Jonathan wasted his moment with Ali talking about Craig M being dangerous.  I do really like Ty though.  He's not my type in the looks department, but he's got charm in that I'm southern kind of way.  I liked how upfront he was about his previous marriage, points for that.  I think it's shows how honest he is and it will make him a better husband the next time around.  He's a solid and I've moved him up on my list.

Jesse:  Okay he is pretty, but I think he is too pretty for me Ali.  He's just too modely for me.  Going to Vegas was neat, and she got to play up her fear of flying and get some attention in for herself, but it seems a bit over the top for the second episode.  I mean, shouldn't they save the private jet, private club, private performance and a VIP room for a 3rd or 4th date?   I feel like we are jumping the gun on "special" and will be let down later.  Jess was very sweet though so I'll let it slide, they seemed to have a nice time.  He is on my list so we will see where this continues to go.

Chris L:  So let me get this straight - they both say "wicked" and know Massachusetts so they are going to be great together?  Sounds like a stretch to me.  He stood out for me last week but lacked this week.  He didn't get much air time so I hope next week they move beyond things they have in common and get to the good stuff. 

Roberto:  Oh-Boy-Roberto!  He is still sexy, still charming {hello he got her to blush right away!} and he plays baseball.  He is a man of many trades.  He taught her salsa last week and how to throw a baseball this week - he really is fun and seems to have a passion for things.  I think he is great.  Of course my mom would laugh because he is Latino and I think he is "genuine" {sorry none of you might get that} but I really say he is in the final.

Now let's talk about the before the rose drink fest party.  I thought it was rude for Frank, who already had his date, to butt in on Kasey's time.  I mean I understand he already feels like Ali is his girl, and the show is a play to win kind of game, but it's soo early and he already had a rose, he should have kept his distance.  Then he starts making out with her?  He's turning into a bit of a creeper for me!

Craig M does have that crazy mad man look going on, glad he eventually got the boot.  Did you hear one of the other guys say that Craig said "I have to call in sick again tomorrow".  Wow - he seems like a stand up guy for sure.  Ali caught on that he didn't look at her much, it was painful watching their time together.  Something is just not right with that guy.

Jonathan made it through but I'm not sure he should have.  He really should shut up about Craig M {hopefully he will next week} and just talk about himself already.  I can't get past his pretty makeup look either.  He just needs to be more like himself and stop acting soo uptight.

One last thought - how dramatic did ABC make it to have Ali take a hold the pics of only Craig M and Jonathan.  Gee, we weren't playing up more to that drama now were we!  I just had to roll my eyes. 

Ali picked for her keepers this week:  Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L, Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C, Craig R, Chris N and Jonathan.  Oh and Frank, Jesse and Ty.


Cheryl said...

I've never watched but your update is amusing...

Trudy said...

Great post! I found your link over at Mama Kat's...such a thorough recap, I'll have to visit you each week.

I don't have too many favorites yet but my frontrunners are Roberto and Frank!

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