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Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are moving!

Not too far, but we are moving indeed.  I figure it is time to finally talk about it.  Kris still hasn't found a job that is good enough to give up unemployment.  He isn't picky about a job, but the problem is most jobs are min wage and we can't live off of that.  We make more on unemployment than he would bring home working.  However, he is getting tired of staying home and not being the "man of the house" and working.  So we made a decision.  A big one.  Not one he is 100% thrilled about.  We are moving in with his parents.

It's not going to be a bad thing, Kris can then take a job he wants and we won't need to worry about paying rent, cable or electric.  His old bedroom is more of a bonus room.  He previously had a queen bed, a desk, a futon, a coffee table and a big tv and tv stand, and a dresser in there.  We are just taking our queen bed and a dresser, the tv, his desk and I am taking our big leather recliner/rocker so I can have a little sitting/reading area by the window that will also face the tv.  Aiden will have his own room as well, right next to ours.  We will have our own bathroom also. 

Kris is sad about not having our own place, or having some independence, but I am not concerned.  I keep looking at the big picture.  We will be able to put money in savings, he can get a job, and we can eventually save enough to consider buying our first home.  If we stayed in our current apartment we would continue scraping by and not have anything left over to save. 

Plus there are some perks to living with his parents... Aiden will have a big yard he can play in.  I want to either get him a small sandbox {one of those turtle shaped ones} if the weather is nice enough.  I can use his mom's big jacuzzi tub if I am in need of a bath.  Also if Kris finds a job working nights, which would be fine with us, I won't be home alone with Aiden at night.  That idea scares us both, so at least he could look at more jobs. 

Of course not everything is roses.  There are some down sides too.  Mostly moving a little further away from my mom.  We are currently in the same apartments, we will soon be about 10 minutes apart.  I know that doesn't seem like a big change, but I'm a momma's girl so it will be hard to adjust to.  I can't just walk over if I have something to show her or if I need a hug because I'm having a bad day.  Kris and I have already started thinking of ways to try and keep things as similar as we can.  We are going to let Aiden spend every other Friday with my mom and then we will probably spend 1 weekend a month at her place as a family{our current apartment actually - she is transferring to our apartment because its better than hers} so that I can still have the "live with my mom" thing going on.  I mean hello, we can NOT give up having my mom make us doughnuts and waffles for breakfast! 

The other negative I can think of is the whole nookie/naked part.  I mean we are still a newly wed couple!  Now we will have to just be a bit more considerate of his family.  It shouldn't be a big deal, but I will feel a bit odd doing things like taking a shower together if his parents are home.  They both still work though so we should be able to find some alone time without much trouble.

All in all I am trying to be positive about it.  I think in the end it is the smartest choice for our family.  I'm sure I will keep you posted as the moving begins.  Our goal is to be moved by the end of July.


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Good luck with the move! It will be an adjustment, but sounds like it's for the better :)

Nessa said...

planning for the future is usually about making sacrifices in the present... good for you guys and good luck moving.

Noelle said...

Good luck with your move. Someday you will look back at all this and smile knowing that you both struggled a bit and made sacrifices for the bigger goals. It will all turn out well in the end :)

An Imperfect New Momma said...

We just moved out of my parents house so I completely understand. We lived there for a little over a year. Mr. Man worked overnite so we got to spend the days together with no one there at least. Hopefully Kris will find a job soon. Will keep you guys in my prayers.

Robyn said...

Mr and I have been living with his Mom for almost a year now. After he got laid off we just couldn't afford all the bills plus the baby on the way. It's been hard, because his mom and I are totally different and butt heads a lot, but it's the best for our family...and I'm so grateful. It will get better, and there are a lot of pluses to it too. We only have one bill now and are saving as much as possible while he is finishing his teaching cert.

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