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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday

I'm a bad bachelorette watcher.  I think it's partly because I don't like Ali and partly because I'm busy.  Today it was the busy part got the best of me.  We decided to move most of our stuff over to my inlaws today and so I was busy unpacking and putting fresh sheets on the bed etc. 

Okay so I started up at Kirk's date.  Not a bad guy.  I enjoyed his story about him being really ill, I think that shows a lot about his personality.  I wasn't sure I liked him much before this, but now I think I've warmed up to him.  Now the matching plaid outfits, that part was really corny.  I mean who does that? 

Kasey is driving me insane.  He's a crazy guy.  He is all sad and freaking out on his 2 on 1 date with Justin.  He is here to "be a man, be a man for Ali" - umm, well then be a man dumbass.  Don't sit here and whine and whimper like a puppy dog to Frank. 

The group date.  I would be like Chris L and not know what to do on a horse at all.  I am afraid of horses and I would not enjoy riding them.  Ty however was all over that and he looked like a stud on a horse.  The more I hear it the more I hate Ali's laugh.  Cave exploring is kind of unique - at least they are trying to mix up the dates a bit this season.  I really like Chris L soo much.  He's my winner.  Ty is my new winner up on the group date.  It was really funny seeing their faces when she got down to her bikini so quickly.  Roberto looked good shirtless!

Okay so I missed a bit more, we are now up to Kasey and Justin's date.  She said "all Kasey has to do is be normal" ha that is a funny statement.  Be normal.  I don't think he knows how to be normal.  He is a bumbling dork.  At least he showed her his tattoo finally.  I think it makes him look dumber though, not like a tough guy who got a tattoo for her.  I missed Justin's one on one time with Ali during the date, but obviously he made a better impression than psycho did.  Thank goodness!  I'm ready to say goodbye to him.  Not that I like Justin much better, he has his own set of problems too, he'll get the boot {haha, you know like his foot??} soon enough. 

Rose party:  I still think Frank is the one with the girlfriend.  I can just feel it.  OH MY GOSH.  I ABOUT DIED laughing out loud when Craig R busted out the fake tattoo on his arm.  That was some good humor right there.  Way to go.  Hey look that one dude who I still don't know his name {oh they just flashed it - Chris N?} got some air time.  Although he didn't really answer her questions, he just licked his lips.  His guilty pleasure is mexican food?  Umm, right dude, this is a romance show and that is the best you got?  Plus they could fit another person between them, tension. 

Ali got some alone time with Roberto.  He said he was shy and she said that she would have never gone up to him because she thought that he was too hot for her.  That's an interesting statement, I think he's too hot for her too. 

I think it was very insightful of host Chris to tell Ali she is afraid to let herself fall in love.  Wow - that was DEEP conversation.  Just from her little chat with Chris I don't think she will find the love of her life here.  She seems too reserved I think.  Not in the keeps her panties on kind of way, but more of a shield her heart and therefore not really find what her heart wants kind of way. 

WOW - I think I have had my head in lala land.  I can't believe how many guys it's down to already.  The keepers this week are:  Frank, Chris L, Justin, Kirk, Roberto, and Craig R.  How sad, poor no air time, no one knows my name Chris N.  He didn't get a rose.  I'm not surprised though, he was for sure the filler for the season.  He didn't seem to emotional in the limo either.  He said he was "shattered by this whole thing", I don't know why that made me raise my eyebrow, but it did. 

I can't wait for next week's episode.  I will NOT be missing it.  It's the big reveal of who has a girlfriend.  I am still saying Frank, but Justin would be my next guess. 


Crystal said...

I half-watched this last night too. I don't remember any of the guys' names to match to their faces - I'm horrible with names. It was pretty hilarious when they all saw her in her bikini - my jaw probably dropped too though, while I thought to myself - THAT right there is my GOAL. ;)

Andrea said...

I am a fan of Roberto:-) I am looking forward to next week as well, gotta love the drama!

Kat said...

I am at a loss at who all the drama is with next week. My guess is Rated R, but she does seem pretty upset. But then again, she likes him for some odd reason. I always ignore that!!

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