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Monday, June 14, 2010

Twilight: I've been sucked in!

Oh how I hate to admit this.... but I started reading the Twilight series.  I got sucked in around page 30.  Crap.  I know some major twi-hards who have gone on trips to Forks and taken pictures, and people who dress up for the movies and go at midnight to be with other twi-hards.  I am not one of those people. 

I decided as part of my 25 books for the year, I just finished book 10 if you are keeping track, I would include the 4 Twilight books.  My neighbor has the box set and said she didn't mind if I borrowed them.  So I was awaiting my 2 new books I bought online to arrive {The Help & Kite Runner} and decided to give book 1 a read in the meantime.  Now I have my new books and I am starting New Moon instead of reading them.  *sigh*

Earlier this week I caught myself googling Twilight and I stayed up late last night watching the first movie in bed instead of getting some well needed rest.  Pathetic.  I'll keep reading the books before the movies, but I have to admit that the movie was a bit cheesy. The part where Edward goes into the sun and "sparkles" was stupid, I mean it was in the book too, but it didn't seem as cheesy.  Also when Edward "runs" through the forest I couldn't help but laugh during the movie, it was soo lame and I feel like the special effects weren't that amazing.  My last complaint is that I didn't not think the casting for Edward's siblings was great.  I loved who the parents were but the siblings {alice, jasper & emmet mostly} were not who I had in my head at all. 

I'm looking forward to digging more into Jacob too.  I guess I assumed there was more of him in book 1 than there really was.  His fake long native american hair was really tacky though.  Like I couldn't stop laughing at how awful it looked!  I mean just look at this picture of him with long hair.  I am glad to see from previews that the long hair goes on the window in further movies, he is much cuter without it.  I do think he is more attractive overall than Edward {plus I only see Harry Potter in my head when I see Robert Pattinson}, I like the tall dark and handsome type vs. the extremely pale cold guy, so I am hoping to find myself on team Jacob.  Plus I am native american, so I guess my peeps are the werewolves! 

All in all I have to admit I've grown more attached to the book than I wanted to and as soon as I'm done blogging about it I plan to go and start reading again.  I guess reading is great, no matter what kind of book it is.  Please tell me I'm not the only mom out there who reads them....I mean I know I'm not, but all the bloggers I read so sophisticated and beyond reading teen romance novels.  Tell me I am wrong and that we are all in a secret underground mommy twilight group.


Anonymous said...

My younger sister got really into Twilight and I swore I wouldn't....and I did haha. I have read all of them, and I read them quickly. I'm definitely a team Jacob girl. Not so much a fan of the movies though. Really, not at all. I didn't mind the casting of the siblings as much as the casting of Edward. He was not what I had in my head, and I unlike a lot of people do not find him that attractive. But thats just me! Can't wait to hear more on what you think! :)

Kat said...

I refused for a long time...but like you, once I started the first few chapters...I was HOOKED. And now...I am even going to see Eclipse at the midnight showing along with all the 14 year old girls.

OME!! (Oh My Edward)

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