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Monday, June 14, 2010

Drug Side Effects: I think I have been sleep "rocking"...

You know how every possible drug on the market has side effects?  If you are anything like me you read them and go "gee I hope I don't get diarrhea" as that is always the most dreaded side effect.  For the record I have never had that problem thanks to a drug, it's been the opposite really.  That is not for this post though.  This is about sleep walking.

Have you ever taken a sedative to sleep?  I tried switching my anti-depressant meds to the morning so by night time it wasn't working as much in my system and I could sleep.  That still didn't help my sleep habits.  It actually made life worse as I previously wrote about.  So I got a generic version of Ambien from my doctor.  I was sitting and reading the side effects listed, among your usual upset stomach, headache, dizziness, sleepiness, it said memory loss and doing activities in your sleep such as but not limited to having sex, cooking and eating, driving and sleep walking.  Umm, great.  I mean who really wants to have great sex with their spouse and then not remember it?  No good in my book. 

Unfortunately that is not what has been happening.  I've only taken it a few times, 3 in fact since I got it.  The first night Aiden slept 10 hours, and I slept an amazing 9 hours with only one brief wake up to go pee.  Kris did try to tell me  the next day I said "honk honk" in my sleep, but that was just a joke.  The 2nd time I took it was a failed attempt.  Aiden was staying the night with my mom {which of no fault to her didn't go well and we picked him up at 12am} and then he was restless a bit and well I still didn't get that night of sleep I craved.  Last night was the 3rd time taking my sleep aid.  I took at 10pm, stayed up until 11pm watching Twilight on my laptop in bed while Kris snored next to me and went to sleep at 1130 or so.

I remember waking up to Aiden fussing a bit so I got up to go rock him back to sleep.  I swear to you that he was making noise and starting to crawl around in crib to stand himself up and cry.  This is his usual behavior and it takes me 5 minutes usually once every few nights to get him back to sleep.  Not a big deal.  So I did my usual and rocked him back to sleep.  Then went pee and came back to bed.  I remember when I got up starting to stumble a bit.  I remember my head felt "cloudy" as I thought it at the time.  Like things were fussy and my head was heavy.  I went right back to sleep after I put Aiden down. 

I don't remember all the details but this morning Kris said that he woke up when I did and told me that he didn't hear Aiden, but that if he was awake he could take care of him so I could sleep.  I guess I just looked at him and got up and went to Aiden's room to get him without saying a word.  When I came back to bed Kris again said he didn't hear Aiden and I said he was awake.  Then Kris asked me "are you sleep walking - did you take your pill" and I said "yes I took it" and he told me he thought i was sleep walking and to go back to sleep. 

This morning I swear to you i heard Aiden and I swear to you he was awake when I rocked him, but Kris said that he started fussing after I went back to sleep and he thinks I went in there and picked him up and actually woke him a bit while sleep walking.  Now I feel all weird because I don't know anymore if I was really awake and it happened or if I thought Aiden was awake and really I was asleep!  So strange, let me tell you.

At least I didn't get up and cook or miss out on the best sex of my life lol. 


Anonymous said...

Eek! Im so terrified to take those for that reason! I had a friend who took Ambien and was a camp counselor, he ended up sleep-walking up and down between the bunks being a "flight attendant" to all of the people "seated on his plane" complete with gossiping to these "people" about people in other rows. Haha. Ever since that story I say haiiiiilll nawww. Scares me!

Anonymous said...

I know that scary feeling. I take 2 meds that conck me right out at night. I do a lot of sleep talking. My husband says it's mostly chinese with a hillbilly twang to it or something like that.

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...


That is cute and creepy at the same time.

I have had to take Ambien for the past month. I was sooo scared. I never even take Benadryl or anything and I've been known to talk in my sleep & sleep walk. I haven't had any weird things happen, so go figure. I was nervous about going into Jocelyn's room and waking her up. Lord knows I can't leave her alone in the daytime, so who knows what a zombie version of me would be up to. :p

I hope you start getting good nights of sleep soon.

And you know what? I betcha I'd sleep eat if I kept better snacks in my kitchen. Midnight Doritos = NOM.

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