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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday

Bravo for ABC not making us wait until the end for all the drama....

A little strange that a former female cast member happens to know that Justin has a girlfriend, isn't it?  Almost like the producers knew that during casting?  Or is it really just a small world.  Anyone else think that Jessica, Justin's girlfriend, looks like Lacey Chabert from Party of 5 & Mean Girls?  Jessica needs to kick Justin to the curb ASAP.  Plus he had ANOTHER girlfriend?  He is SOO not that good looking, and who dates entertainer wrestlers anyway?  Jessica was a good fake crier though for the camera.  Way to act lady, she reminds me of one of the sign girls at the ring.  I do give her props for stopping him and making sure people see what a douche the guy is.  

So how much like Wes did Justin turn out to be huh?  Way to go Ali for calling him out in front of everyone, I loved that.  His storming out with just his passport shows a lot of guilt.  "I'd rather just not say anything right now" and then he tried to escape the cameras.  Hahaha I LOVE how the waiter laughed and wouldn't let him in the restaurant door and people were staring.  What a crappy reasoning Justin had, that they were best friends but nothing else, but oh since being on the show I decided I missed her.  I'll give you the rose back, it's in my pocket...  Oh the drama.  At least he didn't try to give some bs lie to Ali and just kept his mouth shut.  The BEST part was hearing the voice mails he left Jessica while he was on the show.  It's very amusing he tried to deny calling her.  Doesn't he know what a bitch a scorn woman is?

Now, onto the good stuff, the actual dates...

I think Ty deserved the one-on-one date.  I thought he looked good in the white and jeans too, very classy cowboy.  Ali's little half beaded vest however, was ugly.  Did anyone else notice that Ali had bandaids on the back of both her heels when she was in the bath house?  I know she is on tv, but wear comfortable shoes or take the bandaids off before showing your feet - how not classy.  Ty talking about his previous marriage so honestly and openly was a good thing.  I think I said it before, but I'll say it again, he really seems like he grew a lot and knows what he wants for a next marriage.  He will make someone a good husband. 

The group date - the olive oil wrestling, a professional sport in Turkey I guess, was at least something unique.  It would be pretty hot to pour oil all over someone.  Chris L cracked me up, "Usually I dip bread in it, or grill asparagus with it - not wrestle in olive oil".  I want to know what Chris L's tattoo along his ribs say - did I miss that on a previous episode?? 

Craig won the time with Ali and on the boat.  Istanbul looks like such a beautiful area for a date.  I think Craig seems like a nice guy, he's funny and talks enough, but not too much.  Good "positive" outlook, but Ali looks a little bored when she is staring at him.  She has that "are you done yet" look. 

Frank.  He is the first guy to have 2 one-on-one dates with Ali.  I think that shows something, he also had the first kiss.  I still think he's my wild card though, I just am not sure about him.  Ali seems really smitten with him though.  The looked soo goofy in the outfits they tried on.  I'm glad Frank said something about "why am I wearing this hat".  lol  The carpet shop was umm, strange.  They both wanted nothing but to get out of the shop and yet they ended up buying the damned rug.  How did that happen?  The place where they ate, on that little platform, was very romantic.  I think it was good for them to get some serious quiet time to talk, and makeout a bit of course.

The cocktail party, or, the not so party, party as it turned out to be.  Ali I guess had this sudden eye opening experience and knows exactly who needs to go home.  Why bother with a party before breaking someone's heart - let's just get right to it.  You know, I guess Ali made the best choice.  She cut the ties with Craig.  I still like the guy, but for a change she actually has some really good guys to pick from.  I don't think there is one of them I don't like.  I mean Frank is my clear least favorite, but even he isn't a bad guy.  Too bad ABC didn't find a better bachelorette for these guys to woo.


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