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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Obligatory Father's Day Post

Father's Day.  Ahh yes.  I am not going to lie, between moving coming up and being very cautious with our money there wasn't much going on for Father's Day around these parts. 

On Friday we had dinner with my dad, McDonalds actually lol, and gave him some time to play with Aiden and he got a nice little card.  That was that.  Sure it was simple, but my dad understood that he wasn't going to get a nice gift this year and we weren't up for anything fancy.  It was a nice stress free visit. 

Saturday my mom made Kris some of his favorite foods, she had homemade cream corn, baked beans with bacon in the crockpot, hot dogs, homemade potato salad and she was going to do chicken legs but they weren't thawed in time.  Then for a treat we had root beer floats and smores using one of those table top gas smore sets.  Kris had never seen them and loved it - so we get to have it now to do with Aiden.  It was fun, but again very easy going.  {PS - Aiden LOVED mini marshmallows, and try reeses pb cups on a smore!}

Then on Sunday we spent the day at Kris' parent's house.  I was going to make Kris breakfast, he usually makes me french toast on special occasions, but we didn't have a lot of bread, and we were out of milk. {We are trying to use up all the food we have instead of shopping for more before we make the big move.}  Then I offered to go buy Krispy Kreme but he said he didn't need them.  I would have made eggs and pancakes, but I don't do pancakes like he does.  So we had coffee.  Lame. 

Aiden said "dada" very clearly in the morning, but Kris was still sleeping in.  The rest of the day all we got out of him was "da" or "duh".  That's okay though, it was wonderful he decided to say it, or the close to it for the first time, on Father's Day.  Kris was more than happy.  What a good memory.  We spent our morning packing up things to put in storage and things to move over.  Then Kris' dad came over with the van and we loaded stuff up!  We managed in one load to move our big black leather recliner/rocker {which will be in our bedroom}, a tall bookcase, and Kris' big desk.  We also shoved in a handful of boxes and lots of Aiden toys and some clothes on hangers. 

Then we spent the rest of the day just enjoying time with Kris' dad.  He made food, we unpacked some things, Aiden took a nap with his Lolo {grandpa} and I watched a Hallmark channel movie with Kris' mom.  The only thing Kris said he wanted from me was for me not to start my next book until Monday.  I think he was a bit jealous of all the reading I'm doing.  So I have kept that wish from Friday night when I finished a book until now.  He said I can read today if I MUST.  lol  I'll have to work on reading only at bedtime or when Kris is busy instead of every.chance.possible.

That's it.  No fancy Father's Day gifts to share, no fun pictures were taken.  Just a simple weekend for us, but Kris knows on a daily basis how wonderful we think he is as a father. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great father's day! I think simple family time means the most anyway!
And I am so familiar with the eat everything in the house before we move thing. We just moved a few months ago and towards the end before we made the move we were eating some interesting creations...like meatball sub tacos. haha.

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