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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday!

Okay I apologize I missed last weeks check in - I was at my brother's graduation.  I shall not be missing another week!

I don't generally think Ali is that pretty, she's sort of plain blonde to me.  However I really like the little short white dress she had on for the Vogue magazine portion.  I could never pull off that dress, but it did look good on her.

Okay first date:  Kasey.  I'm starting to get tired of helicopter rides on this show.  It's just soo cheesy.  The Kasey started singing this off tune bad song and she LAUGHED and then there was awkward silence.  Umm, I like Kasey well enough, but that was just a bad sign.  Even Ali said that the song was cheesy.  Then when Kasey was asked how this was different from other relationships, he said "cause it's you, you're Ali".  Umm, DUMP!  Then he sings again.  Oh Kasey, you looks like a dork.

Group Date:  The Lion King on Broadway!  Okay I am super jealous.  What an awesome chance for all of the guys.  Watching them all learn the dance was amusing, but really do we need to see them in spandex again??  Roberto did look good though... very nice.  Those guys can't sing very well, I mean Jesse sure could sing, but the rest sucked it up.  If it were up to singing alone he would have taken the stage, literally as it turned out to be.  Jonathan's whole "the forecast called for sunny skies and now there is a storm" - gee, what does he do for a living again?  Cracked me up, but I guess if that's how you are used to talking it is normal for you?  Roberto and Ali were great though and it is pretty neat they can say they did that.  The other guys were totally just jealous.

Craig R impressed Ali, as he should, I like him.  He seems pretty normal.  I think he is being genuine as well.  I don't think he is being really cheesy.  I do give Jonathan HUGE PROPS for asking "is this a bad time" - sure he blew the moment, but that was better than just stepping in.  Too bad he didn't get to talk to her next, I think Ali should have gone to him next.  I do think Ali was really playing up the sick thing though, having Kirk tuck her in.

Chris L.  Very sweet that he just went and spent the day with her being sick.  Those kind of days are the ones that show you who a guy really is, not the huge fancy dates that are not a part of everyday life.  Being sick and staying in is everyday life.  I love how he looks when talks about his mom and moving in with his family.  I think even if he doesn't win Ali's heart that he will find someone wonderful who sees how sweet he is.  The rainbow story he told about her funeral, wow.  Almost made me cry.  Then he got to call his dad, geez, my eyes got a little misty!  I don't like Ali so I hate to say I want him to be with her forever, but I want him to be picked with Roberto in the end just because I like him!  He kind of reminds me of Jeff from Big Brother/Amazing Race. 

KASEY GOT A TATTOO.  What was he thinking?   At least he didn't get a big ALI tattooed on him.  I sure hope he can handle having a tattoo that will forever remind him of being a loser on tv.  At least Justin saw through his little lie.  I think it's funny that he of all people called out Kasey on the tattoo and lying at the final ceremony.  I no longer think Frank is the crazy one.

In a random non-date comment, anyone else see that when Ali was sick she didn't bother to wear makeup to cover all the zits on her chin?  I am impressed she didn't get all girly because she's on tv! Then she went on to kiss all the guys while being really sick.  Anyone else think perhaps she should keep the germs to herself?

Rose Ceremony:  Jonathan just HAD to play the guitar.  I agreed with whichever guy said "we just need one more guy to play guitar in this house".  I mean if I were on this show I would put a disclaimer on the first episode - you play a cheesy song for me, you don't get a rose!  The keepers this week were:  Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N {who on earth IS this guy??  I haven't seen him on a date yet, can we say filler!}, Roberto, Justin, Ty, Kasey {whoa!}.

So I'm fine seeing Weatherman aka Jonathan go home, but poor Jesse.  He is cute and seemed normal and nice enough.  I know she had some connection issues with him previously though.  He will find someone great though, I mean all the ladies in his home town watching - umm, and did you notice he couldn't wait to see his dogs? So that's my wrap up for the week.  I think Jonathan was the first to cry this season!


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JJJ said...

I liked Jesse!! He had a little of that Michael Phelps vibe, agree? Hahah and super cute accent! I think my fav now is Chris. He was such a sweetheart. Do you think that Frank is the one with a gf? I somehow think so!

Haha anw have a fab one! :)

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