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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday! - False Preggo & Jingle Thongs?

Oh boy, the fun we have. We have always enjoyed (by enjoyed I mean grumbled at 3am "why do we do this every year?") getting up at the butt crack of dawn and going shopping with the hoards of other idiots. This year was going to be no different, even with an infant. Aiden actually helped this year, he woke up at almost 330 for his next feeding. So Kris and I were up, fed Aiden and had him back to sleep by the time we left the house at 430am. He slept in his carseat the whole time we shopped, perfect little man!

We went to Target to get a few things, Walmart for a few things and of course, Fred Meyers! We have to get our 50% off socks - best deal of the year! I was disappointed though that there had like umm, NO infant socks! I was thrilled however, to find that all infant clothes were 60% off - I of course picked up a few outfits for little man.

I also was the smart one who knew that the Customer Service lines would be slim to none - so I exchanged a box of diapers for a bigger size while we were at Walmart.

Now, what would be a black friday without the crazy people stories? Here are my 2 gems of the year....

First one happened at Walmart - now I shop there and enjoy the prices, but we all know the caliber of people who frequent the store. No offense. So I am at the customer service counter, waiting behind the 1 person in line, to exchange my box of diapers. Up runs a heavy set, smelly looking, frumpy women with not 1, but 2, full carts! A manager is with her and starts yelling "let's get this family out of here". I was a bit annoyed no one bothered to say "excuse me, we need to help these people next", but it was the holiday, so I let it go. As I listen in to their conversations over the manages radio and with the lady with the carts, I learn that her daughter is in labor at the front of the store. After I get helped I decided to walk by position 1 to see where this lady in labor awaits her 2 carts of goodies. She is in one of those mobile carts laughing and talking to someone sitting next to her. She looked, oh perhaps, 6 months pregnant? I just laughed thinking to myself "yeah hunny, you've got a while, you could have waited in line!". Another lady behind me was talking to her friend loud enough for all to hear "it's braxton hicks lady". I'm sure she was just trying to scam her way into not waiting in line. Let's be honest, if I were really in labor I would have had paramedics show up, not just hang out waiting! Lame what people will do.

My next story is a fun one. I was browsing through the 60% off baby clothes at Freddy's when another couple come into the area. She has her baby on her in a Moby, kids probably 8 months old? Cute little girl. My husband walks over holding up a pair of fuzzy santa boxers and said "hey hunny, maybe I should get these!" and walked away laughing. The couple behind me smirked. Fast forward a few minutes later and Kris returned with red and green thong with jingle bells around the waist. I started cracking up and Kris said "no, this is what I should get!" The man behind me goes "oh, I have that! I have an elf hat I wear with it!". Now, I laughed harder thinking he is joking. Then his wife said "He figured if I can wear thongs so can he". I said "are you serious?" to which he replied that yes, in fact he had that thong and he really did wear it. I was silenced. I didn't know how to respond, but by the look of them I could tell they were telling the truth. I was shocked. His wife said "we should tone it down, we are shopping" and he said "we all know how we got in the infant section, and babies can't understand us". I couldn't believe it. What holiday conversation with strangers!


Matt & Alisha said...

i was at Wal-mart black friday and it was crazy!! I loved hearing the stories.

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