Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A day to myself!

And I'm bored out of my mind! Hubby told me when he took Aiden for the day that I needed to "relax" because I have been stressed out lately. I feel like there is always something to do, laundry, picking up the coffee table yet again, going through bills, feeding the baby, dishes etc. The baby chores don't bother me, but when he naps I feel overwhelmed with a rush to get things done. I'm tired! So Kris took Aiden to give me some me time to sit and update my blog, watch a movie, take a bath, read a book, whatever it is I wanted to do, but NOT do chores.

Here I sit, updated blog, new blog header, 2nd cup of coffee and halfway through a movie. I'm bored. I keep thinking about doing laundry, needing to clean out the cat's water dish because it was nasty last time I looked at it. *Sigh* Why can't I just relax? I think I'll go take a hot shower, but then when I get out and put clothes on it's just going to remind me about the laundry waiting to get done.

My hubby sure was sweet to give me a day alone though. I miss him and Aiden though, I keep thinking Aiden is just napping in the other room and i'm waiting for him to wake up. Guess some things never change.


Jamie said...

How sweet to have a day off!
Try to relax... those calm days don't come very often!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I hope you managed to relax a little!!! I would probably use that time to sleep! :)

TheSingleGirl said...


Having a husband take it upon himself to notice that you're stressed and offer to do something about it, BABY RELATED no less, is gold.

I remember that overwhelmed feeling. Things get easier, though.

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