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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bachelorette Tuesday!

During this weeks show there was really only 2 big events.  The Roast gone bad, and Bentley being his usual douche self.

The Roast - I have to agree with the joke that Jeff should have kept his mask on.  He really is not attractive.  All the small boob jokes were funny, it's good she can laugh at herself and still be confident.  And I like Ryan P.  He wasn't funny, but he is growing on me in the long run, glad he got a kiss this week.  William was supposed to be  the comic of the show, hoping to roast a real celebrity one day - and I really liked him, then he went and made an ass out of himself.  Way to go.  Pissed me off that Bentley swooped in and tried to be the hero.  Of course William feels like crap now, which he should.  He cried, he apologized, he took a walk, he said he'd be willing to pack his bags and leave... then of course he got to stay.  He has some major sucking up to do.

Bentley is a douche.  I said it last week, all of America sees it, but this week he was just over the top!  "I'm going to make her cry - I hope my hair looks good".  Then he used his daughter over and over to get out of the truth and even said "she's buying this".  Using his daughter was such an ass move.  I can't believe it.  I hope one day she sees this - he should be ashamed of himself and of treating women this way!  He even said he was licking her neck and was trying to turn her on while she cried and wished she would stop crying already.  Then he said "I tried to talk to her like I would a girl I really liked - except I really dont' like her".  He is such a piece of crap.  "How am I gonna get out of this - I'm done with her and she keeps going on and on".

So glad he is gone.  I can't wait to hear what goes on at the "after the rose" - knowing him though he probably will be a no show.

Way to send Jeff off, showing a burning mask when he left the show.  Best ending ever.  The outtake after the credits about killed me.  Jeff on the crapper and Bentley doing his hair, I'm sure they appreciate that being aired.


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