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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP {Work-In-Progress} Wednesday

COMPLETED:  The Lotus Quilt

I am very pleased with how this quilt turned out.  I LOVE it.  The binding needed more work, I only had 2 inch scraps to work with so it's a very tight, small bind, but who cares.  It was my first binding made from scratch and I call it a success.  Of course next time I have a better idea of how big I want it to be.  It's a great size, almost 70x70 so I can curl up under it perfectly!  Aiden even loves watching cartoons wrapped up in it.

I still am all a twitter about it's name though.  I'm thinking calling it "Tranquility".  Who knows.  Any suggestions??

I also completed the small tote and hot pads for a birthday present from last week.


Mini-pini's.  I inherited some fabric from my grandmother-in-law.  I want to use this pastel floral to make pinwheels.  I picked up some matching solids and have started cutting.  I have a few ideas in mind.  This is my next project to hopefully get finished!


I've added a new project to my list.  I probably won't work on it for a while yet.  My friend Mallory found out she is expecting a girl, I have already made them a sock monkey blanket, but now I want to make something super girly.  I have some Sweet Divinity fabrics I want to work with.  I also want to attempt the faux chenille backing for this one.  I drew up a simple sketch.  I think I'm going to just go with some large squares and add rows of a pale pink fabric in between.  Then the back with be a pink flannel as the main.


Mod-Times quilt {which may eventually get scrapped}
Dutch Girl quilt for mom
Baby Girl quilt
This  week's stats:
New projects 1
Completed projects - 2
Total Projects In Progress: 4 {down 1.  I completed the birthday gift from last week and my Tranquility quilt, but added a baby girl quilt to the to-do.}


MJ said...

Tranquility sounds perfect! I love the colors - they are bright but peaceful! Love it!

Melinda said...

I love the name, and the quilt as well! Love that backing color.

Kerstin said...

Oh, what a nice quilt! Isn't it most rewarding when you make a quilt and your kids like it so much they want to snuggle up under it?

Kate S. said...

I love your finished lotus quilt, and your design and fabrics for your new quilt too - looks like it is going to be great!

kendascrafts said...

Love, love, love the lotus quilt. The colors are divine! Don't you just love it when your child loves a quilt you make? It always makes me so happy to see my son use a quilt. :-)

Katie B. said...

Love your tranquility quilt! It's so pretty!

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