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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachelorette Tuesday

I Love how she is SHOCKED that Bentley flew all the way to Hong Kong to talk to her.  Yeah, why wouldn't a douche take a free trip on her expense just to break her heart again?!?

This conversation is really awkward.  He's leading her on all over again.  Him touching her leg, giggling with her.  Talking about her and him being on the same page.  Not even in the same book, or side of the library for that matter!  He's in the comics and she's in the drama section!  "Knowing that I'm home it doesn't look good for us.  I would implore you to see what you have here".  What a wishy washy way about it.  I agree with her, just be a damn man and say "no I don't like you!".  I hate him.  He says to call it a period for them but then has this cheesy smirk on his face.

Thank goodness he's done.  I can't handle hearing about him again!

Lucas:  The resident hillbilly.  He's cute though.  Why does Ashley wear shoes like those when she is walking all over downtown.  She really is not fashion smart.  She could have worn some super cute flats.  Aww he wants to dance with her.  He asked for the kiss, he really is a southern gentlemen. 

Group Date:  Dragon Boat Races.  Recruiting people from the streets?  That seems a bit harsh, what is that supposed to prove to her?  Once they actually started racing I thought that looked fun.  Rowing is hard work though.  HAHA OH MY GOSH - the red team's chant mean "Idiot" instead of "eat it".  Oh wow, language barrier for Ben and Constantine!  Ames stealing kisses in the Elevator, he's growing on me too. Stupid Ryan P got the group date rose.

JP:  I love how confident JP is.  He just feels like he is meant to be with her.  That's what someone needs to have on a show like this.  Plus I like him and he's been my top pick from the first episode.  I appreciate her wanting to tell JP first and alone, he deserves that because he's such a good guy, but that sucks for him. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony:  I love how she just tells them soo excitedly and expects a good response from the guys.  She really dug herself a big hole.  Mickey says goodbye.  Bravo to him.  He is right, honesty is important and by hiding the fact that she was still thinking of Bentley she was lying.  She wasn't being HONEST.  Here is a tip Ashley - if you feel guilty, maybe you have a reason to.  So after a good heart to heart and a few more tears with Chris Harrison, she made her choice.  Blake went home this week.

I am still sticking with JP as my top pick, i pegged him night 1 and I'm feeling good about it still.  I'm still saying Ben F and then Ames lastly for now... 


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