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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bachelorette Tuesday

Ashley must have heard me complain last week.  Today she is wearing a still too short skirt, but she has a fitted top on - bless her for not looking the same everyday.  However the strapless capri pantsuit with a belt HAS to go!

Ames said "Pro-Cess" instead of process. Cracked me up.

Ben F:  Still need to cut your hair.  I can't tell you and Constantine apart half the time.  Getting a fan painted is pretty neat, I wouldn't mind being there and doing that.  I like Ben F's personality a lot.  He is very easy going and doesn't seem to need the thrills of the fancy dates.  Plus he's a winemaker so I feel like he's romantic.  He proves that during the really beautiful dinner. 

Group Date:  My husbands cousin does this kind of fighting, Muay Thai.  Poor Ames got the pink set, but he wears it well with that large forehead of his.  I don't know what made her think that having a bunch of guys who all want the same girl to fight each other would be a good idea.  "The Jew from Long Island" - JP - I love what he calls himself.  I'm almost a little bit proud of Ames for not fighting back too much.  I feel bad he got hit soo hard though, Ryan P should have been a little easier on him when he noticed he wasn't fighting back.

Ames returns during the party, of course.  He said he has a mild concussion and "totally in love" classic.  She is spending time with Blake, but yet again we have to hear about Bentley.  I'm soo tried of hearing about him.  Lucas trying to teach her to golf, I like that.  He seems fun - but then he goes and actually mentions "he who should not be named EVER again". 

Two-On-One:  Ben C & William:  Dun dun dun. {Side note:  have you realized yet I write this as I watch it?}  William turned into an ass - and Ben C gets the boot.  Then William gets the boot too!  Ha - serves his ass right!  Anyone who calls themselves a "30 year old boy" doesn't seem like marriage material. 

Rose Ceremony:  Okay I lied.  I can totally tell Ben F. & Constantine apart.  Ben F. has potential to be hot, C. has a goofy nose and small spaced eyes - not soo cute.  JP sporting a pink shirt, he can pull it off well.  Here we go, a heart to heart with Chris about Bentley.  Oh whine, whine, whine.  Now we are all stuck seeing him again next week.  Great.

Nick is the only one sent home this week at the actual ceremony.  He wasn't anything special, just a floater.

Okay my top 3 keep switching it up a bit, but my top 2 stay the same.  I still say JP.  I really like him.  Ben F.  And maybe a wild card this week, Ames or Lucas?  Hmm...


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