Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIP {Work-In-Progress} Wednesday

This week I made 2 adorable little purses.  It was my first time doing pleats and I love them!  It was a fun quick complete.

I cut all my Soul Blossom & Love fabric for my Kaleidoscope QAL.  I have been playing with the layout on my design wall.  At first I thought it was extremely overwhelming, but it's growing on me though.  What do you think?  Sorry for the horrible light and blur, gotta love camera phones sometimes.

I also started working on the Sweet Divinity Baby Girl Quilt.  It's just simple and simply adorable.  I'm gonna keep it under wraps a bit longer though, I can't decide if it will be gifted yet.

Lastly I had a huge brainstorm moment this week and came up with a handful of future quilt ideas.  A lot of them, most of them actually, are based some some bits of fabric I currently have.  I am adding them on here so I can keep track of them all!  They are listed below.

Kaleidoscope QAL - I have all cutting done, waiting on sewing instructions.
Sweet Divinity Baby Girl Quilt

Future Projects:
Used to be Mini-Pinwheel quilt has been put aside for now.
Lily & Will baby quilt for Baby E
Mom's dutch girl quilt
Dick & Jane quilt Blogged my Inspiration HERE
Brock's Greens and Gray bed quilt for Christmas
Christmas tree skirt
Christmas quilt
Red/White/Black quilt
Sorbet quilt - as in the ice cream colors below....

Completed: 2 purses
Actively working on:  Kaleidoscope QAL & Sweet Divinity Quilt

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


LynCC said...

ooo - sorbet - now my mouth is watering! Pretty kaleidoscope

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

quilt looks great....but I love love love the purse

Nessa said...

That quilt is gorgeous!!! How pretty.

Jenniffier said...

great bag and the kaleidoscopic looks good

Laurina said...

I love your kaleidoscope quilt. I think the mix of prints and all the pretty colors is really beautiful. Inspires me to reach a bit farther with my own color selections.

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