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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hot Topic: Jay vs. Conan

I'm really surprised I haven't seen this topic creep up on blogs yet.  I thought I'd just put it out there.

Jay Leno vs Conan O'brien.  If you haven't heard about the late night battle and the show switchy drama then you must be living under a rock.  Or well, maybe you just don't have tv.  Or perhaps you have a baby and you go to bed as soon as they do and miss all late night programs.  Or maybe you just don't care.  Whatever the reason is, just google Jay and Conan if you must, I am not here to fill you in.  I am here to ask your opinon.  I'm just curious.

Who is to blame for the new development of Jay giving back his 10pm show and taking the Tonight Show back?  Jay says if Conan had kept ratings up when he took over the Tonight Show they (as in the network) would never ask him to leave.  I tend to agree to this.  I mean, it's not Jay's fault he left the show #1 and Conan let the rating drop 14% in 7 months.  The network does have to keep in mind their viewers and what will make them happy, and of course what will provide the network with money.

Personally I wish it would never have changed.  I think Conan is really amusing in his own way.  You have to enjoy his kind of humor to watch him.  His string dance cracks me up everytime I see it though.  Seriously.  And I do love me some Jay Leno.  I think he has great questions to ask and he always has good guests on his show.  I even went to a taping of Jay Leno last year.  They both were number 1 and now it seems like we aren't supposed to like both personalities. Its just sad.  I wish I could like and watch both.

Rumor has it Conan will now have a late night show on Fox that will be pit against Jay (and David Letterman too).  I hate to say it, but I think it will bomb as well.  I think Jay can compete against Dave, but obviously Conan couldn't.  I highly doubt Conan will be able to stand up against them both.  Sad story.

Whose side are you on?  Did you watch both like I did?


Kat said...

I liked Conan on late late night. But he's a little too goofy for most. I think Jay and the network is making the smart move...because let's face it...NBC is struggling all around. I think the only NBC show that I watch these days is the Biggest Loser. Other than that, the Must See TV nights of Friends and Seinfeld are LONG gone.

PS...I don't feel too bad for Conan and his leave pay. He will be JUST FINE! :)

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