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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bachelor Talk Tuesday

Oh Ali.  You are no Ed.  Ed was never a biotch and snarky.  You are.  You should not come back.  Yes, I liked you in the beginning, but you boo whoo sob fest last week plus your snarkiness about Vienna was enough for me.  I'm team Tenley now, so go on and keep sitting by the Golden Gate Bridge and mope.

Now, Jake's date with Gia.  I loved her rhinestone headband!  I just had to put that out there right away.  The place on the beach where they had dinner was beautiful, i'm jealous.  It wasn't a great date in my opinion, but he really opened up, I just don't feel it between them.  She really needs to let her guard down.  How do the producers keep the tub water warm for them?  This always baffles me!

Tenley is soo sweet.  *swoon*  I like how she asked Jake how he'd per-sue her in the real world, that was a great question.  I just love how loyal they both are, it would really last I think.  Neither one would be willing to just give up!  I love how they just "stumbled" upon the black sand beach.... yes, yes that wasn't a planned spot!  I did giggle and snort a bit when he said he fell in love with her at her dance studio... that was soo cheesy!  So the question is... do you think Tenley gave it up? 

Vienna drives me insane!  Sure she is playful and makes him wear an eye patch, but really?  Could they possibly make-out anymore?  Let's make-out, then climb, then make-out, then walk the plank, then make-out... is there anything besides a physical relationship with them?  She is such a hooch!  Is it just me or is she cross-eyed?  I hadn't noticed until tonight...hmpf.  Oh and while I'm at it her hair looks ugly and she looks like a horse.  I CAN NOT believe they talked about rings... clearly he knows she is superficial!  Of course she will talk the fantasy sweet... *gag*

I was proud of Jake for calming explaining to Ali why he has moved forward and why she shouldn't come back.  Way to stick to your guns!  My hubs cheated and found out she already has a boyfriend now anyway.  She obviously moved forward. 

I love the final chats with Chris, he's such a wise sage after soo many seasons.  Anyone else notice how Gia's photo was separate... telling of things to come at the rose ceremony?  Tenley looked pretty with her flower in her hair.  Gia looked drunk in her video lol and she rambled.  Vienna's video was cocky, I guess that's better that ditzy, but a LITTLE confidence goes a long way.  Poor Gia though, her confidence is soo low already, this may be trouble for her.  Jake better watch out for her mafia wanna-be brother!

To end this I'd like to apologize for any typos... I am typing one handed with Aiden asleep on me.   


Kerry said...

OMG it wasn't just me who thought Vienna aka sausage was cross-eyed. lol I mentioned that in my blog about the bachelor as well. She really is a hooch but I guess that's how Jake likes em :)

Caren said...

Good recap and insights for sure but my favorite thing is the comment above above mine who called Vienna "sausage" my husband and I (yes, I make him watch it) call her that too! LOL!

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