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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you above the law? Are YOU a rule breaker?

Why is it that some people think they are above the law?  I don't get what makes some people soo darn special, but it drives me INSANE.  Now I'm not talking about going 5 miles over the speed limit, I myself do this, or cheating at the grocery store and taking your 11 items into the 10 item or less line... I'm talking some major disrepect for rules.  Let's look at some examples shall we?

Cell phones.  Here is Washington using a cell phone while driving is a secondary offense.  This means that you can not be pulled over by a cop for driving and using your cell phone, however if you are speeding and using your cell phone while driving you can be pulled over for speeding and get a ticket for that AND another ticket for using the cell phone.  Got it?  Oregon (5 minutes away and where we go all the time) just passed a law making it a first offense.  You can be pulled over in Oregon for simply texting or talking on your cell phone.  The technical rule in Oregon is that you can be using a hands free device, but that if you have to dial a number while driving in order to use the hands free - it's breaking the law.  Dial before you drive they say.

My annoyance comes with the crap ton of people who are still (the law went into affect Jan 1 but was talked about on the news for months prior) talking while holding their cell phones.  The other day driving down a busy street I saw a cop and then 2 cars up I passed a driver on his cell phone.  He was of course going below the speed limit because he was not paying attention.  I see cops around and see rule breakers around the same area every day when I take my mom to work. 

Now to see an occassional driver is one thing, expecially if they are in rental cars or plates from another state (washington doesn't count, we know the rule too) then they may not understand the new law.  Fine.  However, when you see people ALL THE TIME driving and talking or texting it drives me insane.  Call me a nark, but I just want to call and report them all!  Why do you think it's okay to put other's lives at risk?  I mean really, the law was set for SAFETY not to inconvience you.  You are putting me and my child at risk because you would rather talk on your phone then look to switch lanes.  Hang up the damned phone, the call can wait.  Even Oprah has started a no phone in the car campaign for safety. 

Another major annoyance of mine lately has been parking and cars at my apartment.  I can't tell you how many cars around here have expired tags.  Like 4 or 5 month expired tags and they get the bright orange sticker on their window saying "you will be towed if you don't get current tags with the DOL" and yet nothing.  They peel the sticker off and back into their parking spaces instead, like this isn't a huge indicator that "my tags are still expired so I'll just park the other way so you can't see them".  Geez. 

Lastly is parking.  We have limited guest parking around here and I get soo annoyed with people who park a truck with a flat tire in one and leave it for months.  Or people who constantly use the clearly marked "no parking" zone as a space, therefore blocking my stairway.  The other thing that really irks me is that everyone is allowed 1 carport for $15 a month.  One, that's it.  If you want another reserved spot you must rent a garage for $90 a month.  My neighbor uses 2 carports, the 2 right next to my spot, so I KNOW it's them and I know they obviously don't pay for 1.  I also know this because she used to park in my spot when we first moved and I had to rat on her several times before she realized that it was now a taken carport.  It's soo annoying that I have told on them a few times and still, they get away with it.  Yet if I were to not pay for ours, or use an empty carport as my 2nd spot, I would be caught.  SOO stupid.  I hate people who think they are awesome and can do whatever they want.

So, there you have it.  A few things that have been driving me batty lately.  Perhaps I'm just a rule follower and no one else is, but really I think I'm cool too, I just follow rules and the law.  That's cool to do isn't it?  You know, obey?  Get a clue people, one day it will catch up with you.  Karma.

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Lindz said...

I feel the same way about cell-phone violators. I want to report them... how hard is it to use speaker phone if you don't have a blue tooth?

The Nice One said...

I tend to be a major rule follower. Hate people that think they are above it. But, I'll be in MAJAH trouble if my state outlaws cell phones while driving.....i'll have to fix that habit.

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