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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salt & Pepper - the new sleep aid!

So after dinner tonight my husband fell asleep on the sofa.  He has a habit of falling asleep after I feed him, usually for a cat nap but sometimes for a long time.  It sometimes bothers me, sometimes I don't care.

Tonight I made something super easy, Tuna Helper.  I didn't feel like making a huge mess and we had hamburger meat last night (sloppy joes & corn). Well, as to be expected the hubs soon after fell asleep.

When he woke up he asked me if I had poisoned him, or put sleeping pills in his food because everytime I cook he gets sleepy.  He said I must have drugged him.  I said "no, I only added salt & pepper".  He exclaimed "that's it - salt & pepper make me sleepy!".  LOL  He said that he never uses salt or pepper when he cooks, this is true - must be a Filipino thing, I never see them use salt or pepper - and that I always use salt & pepper. 

Now he is convinced that my using salt & pepper is the reason he always sleeps after he eats.  There you have it folks, bottle it up and sell it as a sleep aid....


Joanne MV said...

Ahahahaha! Blame the sleepiness to salt and pepper. We don't always use them when we cook but there are some Filipino dishes that needs them :)

Care said...

i cant eat ANYTHING without using salt and pepper, but I am a slight insomnac. does that kill this theory, lol? very funny though.

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