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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Writer's Workshop: 10 reasons I'm better of without... MY JOB!

Took me awhile to come up with a item to use for this post, but once I got it I had an easy time coming up with reasons.  So without further ado...

10 Reasons why you’re better off without ... MY JOB.

  1. I don't have to deal with rude customers all the time.
  2. I don't have to wear a blue polyester uniform.
  3. I appreciate the value of a dollar more when I'm unemployed.
  4. I appreciate taking a trip more when I don't get to just "fly for free".  Makes a trip more special to me.
  5. People don't sit around and gossip about me (or others) all day.
  6. I get to spend as much time as I want with my son and husband.
  7. I can work on my hobbies and try to be better at them.
  8. Everyday is a weekend!
  9. I don't have to answer to people for every little thing I do.  I'm my own boss, well, I do have to listen to my hubby, but I don't mind that!
  10. I don't have to work overtime on every damn holiday!
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Lourie said...

I am guessing you were an airline stewardess...? That would be like being a server only worse. I am not a good flyer, but I promise I always treat the staff kindly and don't bother them unless I HAVE too. And yes, people can be very rude. And the worker just has to smile and nod all the while plotting their untimely demise. ;)

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

One Cluttered Brain said...

You are an airline stewardess? That's cool.
either that or a booking agent. Somebody who books flights for people.
That sounds like a rocking job!

tara said...

okay, you're really, really making me wish i'd chosen *this* prompt.

Anonymous said...

Hey I wrote about the same thing. Your post is a little more happy than mine though!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, I like your list.

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