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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bachelor Talk Tuesday! Lots to say this week....

Okay so I am going to just jump right in to my 3 favorite quotes from the other girls about Tenley...

"She shits rainbows"
"She fell out of a Disney Movie"
"She is floatin' on twinkle toes"

Haha, all of them oh soo true, and yet I really like her.  I can't help it, maybe it's refreshing to see someone who has been hurt and betrayed and yet is soo perky and positive. 

Now for the real meat and potatoes of this post.  I always hate when they show the previous Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants (is that what we call them - losers?) anyway, on their lovely singles cruises and drinking and flirting with each other at bars.  So glad to see that their "quest for true love" has led them all to being skanky with each other.  Am I back in college?  Shouldn't they all be doing something more umm, mature perhaps, if they are really looking for love and not just a hook up?  Just my thoughts, but who am I to know, I'm only married with a kid and not out showing my tatas to lonely men.

Also it's nice to see that the previous guests do charitable work.  I was a bit surprised.  These must be the good few who missed the boat - I mean we clearly didn't see Wes partaking.  I bet Wes was first in line for the booze cruise full of other tv crazy love sick folks. Maybe he wrote a song about it.

I had a few great laughs when they were talking about mishaps and showed the bloopers.  I had NO. IDEA. AT. ALL. that Ashleigh H "fake fell" when she met Jake.  Guess I'm just clueless, but I really thought she fell lol.  I loved that Chris Harrison poked fun at the stupid "On The Wings Of Love" song by singing it to Jake - I hope they realize just how dumb that theme was.  Corrie farting cracked me up - she's totally awesome, I'm still sad she didn't last, I thought she was pretty and fun, and clearly real.  Her and Tenley playing around with the camera on the floor also made me laugh.  At least some of the girls know how to have fun without being snarky.

I loved how Michelle was trying to defend herself and say she was "stable" because she "had a job".  I got  news for you hunny, plenty of crazies out there have jobs, that doesn't make you stable.  It made me laugh when one of the other girls said that it wasn't edited much, that the Michelle shown on tv was just like the one they were living with.  I thought Ali also made a good point to say that just because the show didn't work for Michelle didn't mean it doesn't work.  Ali said she fell in love, and just because not all the seasons produce lasting love, several have (Trista & Ryan, Byron & Mary, Jason & Molly are getting hitched ala Trista style on tv...oh and I think Ed & Jillian will last too).  Michelle's problem is she went on a show to find love but instead exposed her inner crazy - of course it didn't work out for her, she needs to be on a venue more like that Conveyor Belt of Love show that was on once.  One based on looks alone so she doesn't expose her multiple personalities.

Oh Roslyn my dear, see here, see here... NO. ONE. BELIEVES. YOU.  I know that she swears by her sons life, but I just don't buy it.  I mean I just don't.  I know realitysteve said that it was made up, but I don't understand how that could be so.  Unless Roslyn herself was in on the cherade (I know that is spelled wrong, but I am trying to type fast so sue me).  I mean the nights of her gone missing from her room and the house?  The fact that all the girls saw stuff going on, or say they did, I mean they don't get paid right?  So why would they all say that stuff when people like Ella seems to be very reliable.  I believe her swearing on her son over Roslyn swearing over hers ANY day!  Someone who is telling the truth also wouldn't need to try and pass the buck and make others seem guilty like saying Chris flirted with said producers wife and calling out Ella?  Seriously?  Who does that stuff, and even if her accusations were true about Chris the point is she was on a show looking for love, he wasn't.  Her facial expressions just looked beyond fake to me too, she had that Ialreadyknowmychristmaspresent look on her face.  I also adored the ponit made about how with all those cameras around and constant recording how was it not caught on film.  Well duh, even I figured that out, if you are fooling around with the PRODUCER of course it wasn't going to get caught on film.  He would be the one calling all the shots now wouldn't he.  Point is, she was rude, looked like an idiot, and I still think despite her efforts to clear things up, she is guilty.  The fact she mentioned that the producer visited her after the show really did NOT help her case either. 

Last point to mention is that I have now decided to call Jake a Goofy Goober.  You know, ala spongebob style.  He is a big dork and a bad actor. 


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

You know, I never watch this show- I watch 2 other shows at the same time on Monday nights...but from your post, I really need to start watcthing this!

Connie Weiss said...

I completely agree with everything you said!

I really hope he picks neither of them!!

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