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Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Hockey Game - GREAT PICS!

So my husband and my brother got 2 tickets to the Winter Olympics for Christmas.  It was to the Germany vs. Belarouse hockey game.  They drove up (only 5hrs) and spent a bit of time walking around and seeing the city and the Olympic sites before the game.  They had seats that were 5 rows up from the ice, right behind the penalty box.  You will see below that my hubby's Nikon got some great pictures.  I'm soo glad he got that camera!  The boys had a total blast and Kris wants to go back one day.  I told him we should plan a weekend trip to Canada so he can take more pictures.  Enjoy the pictures below, I'll add little captions.

The beautiful night skyline glowing off the waterfront.

This is my favorite picture he took of the city.  I just love how there is a little blur from the city lights. 
More city lights but notice the piles of rocks...
This is what they were.  They were stacked up like the Olympic stone man!
This security guard by the Hockey Palace had the stone man shaved into his hair - he let Kris take a picture.
What great looking guys in their new hats!  Aiden look super cute in his daddy's hat lol, he loved the tassles.
Game On!
Gotta Love the zoom lens.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

VERY COOL! That is awesome.

Carrie said...

Great pictures. Ahh, my city looks so lovely :)

Kristin said...

I looooove those hats!

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