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Thursday, February 25, 2010

We LOVE Peas in our house!

Peas have always been one of my personal favs, to be honest we love all vegetables in this house.  Aiden is no different.  He did fine with sweet potatoes, he spit out all carrots (we will retry them later) he enjoyed squash, but boy oh boy did he LOVE peas! 

We always give him oatmeal and a veggie split up into 2 meals.  Well the first 2 days of peas he still ate his oatmeal and gobbled up the peas.  Today he would NOT eat his oatmeal.  He just wanted the peas.  I even tried to mix them and he would spit out the oatmeal if he could.  It was too funny.  I'm glad a green veggie is one of his favs.  We try Green Beans next and then he finally gets to try his fruits (although he has been slipped some applesauce by my mom already...). 

Here are some pictures of our peas last night.  The last two are my favorite.  They are his "what do you mean that's all I get mom - I want more peas."


TheSingleGirl said...

OMG. TOO QUICK. Weren't you JUST pregnant?! Unbelievable. Time FLIES.

He is perfection. And OMG, those lashes!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

HE IS ALREADY eating food? What the heck. He is alredy making me feel old! ha.
I love peas too! SO, we would get along great.

Kristin said...

That was one of my lil' man's fave solids too!

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