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Friday, February 5, 2010

I've gone frumpy.... *sigh*

It's happened.  I said it wouldn't, but I fear it has.  I've gone frumpy.  Frumpy is defined as dowdy, unkempt, & unfasionable.  Now frumpy isn't horrible I guess, I am on the early stages of frumpy and can still find my way out, but frumpy leads to dumpy and once you are the likes of garbabge you are a goner. 

I have always loved my sweats.  Nothing more comfortable then yoga type pants and a tank top, in my case a tank top falling apart at all the seams, and one of my husband's hoodies.  If I'm not wearing that usual uniform then it's the same 3 shirts I love in rotation.  A men's long sleeve black thermal, black t-shirt or white t-shirt.  Exciting wardrobe I have isn't it?  I have 3 pairs of jeans, 2 fit well, and yet I wear the same pair most days because they are my favorite.  It's how I live, I have favorites.

Since I lost my job last January I haven't had much need for makeup.  I have worn make up for a few nice occassions, like my baby shower, a party, church, Aiden's dedication, a wedding I was in.  On a daily basis it's just lotion and burt's chapstick though.  I also tend not to do anything with my hair.  It's not the length I want so I just don't try.  My hair is of the frizzy variety.  If I let it air dry it's not managable.  If I just blow dry it then it's a frizzy mess.  So in order to "do" my hair I have to dry it and then use a straightener to combat the poof.  With lack of sleep, laziness and a baby that is more important than myself, I comb it after a shower (which is now an every-other-day thing...) and then I put it up into a "messy-bun" on top my head.  I clip my bangs back and use hairspray, giving the allusion that I took the time to do my hair.  It's not much of a do though. 

My nails are also in bad shape.  It's a struggle to keep my nails all trimmed the same length, and I never have much time to push back my cuticles and keep them looking clean.  My toenails are not much better.  I painted them... 3 weeks ago.  All that remains now is the chipping paint on my big toes.  I do believe the 2nd toe on my left foot has a smudge of color on it, but as Kris has told me, my toes look "trashy".  Sweet isn't it?  I know he likes when I take the time to paint my nails, he especially likes when I have pretty painted toes.  It's just soo depressing to spend 30 minutes painting both and making them perfect, just to have my fingers start chipping and peeling the next day.  Oy vey! 

As I mentioned with my hair above, I typically get a shower every other day, which means I don't even shave my legs but maybe every 3 days.  Ugh, the disgust.  Poor hubby.  It's just soo much effort to deal with all the hair I am shedding and I hate wet hair on my back during a shower.  So sometimes I just do a little "operation clean-up" in the mornings and call it good.  Operation clean-up if you care is a little bit of fresh deo, brush the teeth, clean underthings and voila - it's like a fresh start for the day!

So all of this is mearly to say, I'm going frumpy.  I don't like it, yet some days I will admit that I don't mind it either.  I think I'm going to try and set mini goals for myself.  This week's mini goal will be to paint my nails.  Toes and fingers.  I may even get really fancy and use my ped-egg.  Boy won't the hubs like that treat when my feet rub against his in bed. 

Is anyone else having a hard time keeping up with themselves?  What are your tips for making yourself feel good?  I will never be the type to "dress" for a day of sitting around my house, but I need to make a better effort. 
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Nessa said...

I hear you on frumpy... when I was on bed rest the frumpiness started and yesterday I realized it had been 4 days since a shower. New baby can be an excuse for some things but not to stink!

小小 said...
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A New Mom said...

LOL...I am frumpy now too. Man its hard to find time to do much with a little one right? Stopping by from SITS! Happy SITS Saturday!

lori said...

Visiting from SITS. Love your blog. Manicures and pedicures went away when the budget started and i suppose I could be doing my nails now instead of reading blogs, but......nah.

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