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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bachelor Talk Tuesday!

Okay let's start with Tenley, she is soo stinking sweet.  Like the kind of sweet that gives you a toothache.  Yep, I said it, yep, it's corny, but it's true.  I really like her for how honest and humble she is.  I feel like as a viewer I can really feel the connection growing between the two of them.  What a romantic dinner place on top of the Coit Tower too! 

Gia is too insecure to be a pilots wife.  She doesn't have confidence in herself and I think that will cause jealously problems in the relationship.  Pilots are gone for days at a time for work and I think she would be a wreck the whole time and not trust Jake.  I like her but I don't think it's right.  And did she really think she is the only one who puts her legs in his lap?  Hasn't she seen previous shows?  She should know by now that the guys always do the same thing with the girls. 

Vienna - how RUDE!  I can't believe that she went to find Gia and Jake on their wine date.  She has plenty of time with him and if she was soo secure with her connection with Jake she would have left Gia to have a little time alone with him.  Next up, I can't believe that she went down to his little cave room in the castle with wine.  Did she really think that sounded like a good idea?  I mean really, can you say booty call?  I'm very glad Jake sent her back to her bed pretty quickly.  I think she is a young floozy! 

Oh poor Corrie.  I really like her.  I think she is the prettiest of them all (haha) but the time in the boat where she is waiting for a kiss but not making the move.... AWKWARD!  I think it's funny they were both waiting for the other to go the other 20%.  (Fun fact - Kris went 80% on our first date and I fell for it and went 20 teehee)  Poor thing.  I did enjoy finding out she is saving herself for marriage.  Between her and Tenley I appreciate the girls with morals.  Not that sex before marriage is bad (really, I have no place to judge) but I like ABC showing young girls that you can still be beautiful, popular and on a dating show without whoring yourself out. I really hoped that Jake meant what he said about respecting her wish of not living together before marriage.  However, I think it's why he really sent her home this week.

Side note:  Anyone else notice how Corrie & Vienna are the same age (23) and yet Corrie seems soo much more mature?  Different strokes for different folks - boy how different two people can really be.

Ali got really lucky being able to know SFO and show him around instead of him plan the date.  Even Jake said it, she really got to be herself because it was her town.  I do love San Fran myself, so I can see how fun it would be to share that with someone.  I'm sorry, did they really jump into that water?  I know it's Cali, but that water is NOT that warm people.  Just saying... why do they always do dumb things just because their date is on tv?

Okay so the pre-rose ceremony with Chris, Jake was talking about how he felt bad because he will be hurting someone like Jillian did to him.  You know, I said last week this show is getting stale picking people who were on the season previous, I digress.  I do like the fact that they went through this whole rejection bit before.  Not that everyone hasn't been rejected in their personal lives, but it's a different situation.  I think the feelings on the show are more intense, not always good intense or real love intense, but stronger because of the short time period you are "supposed" to fall in love.  So at least the previous season prepared the rose-bearer.  Jake is at least a bit more sensitive about letting someone go when he knows how he feels, which I did like last week about him.

Well that's it for this week.  I'm sad Corrie is gone, but I overall I'm okay with that choice.  She should find someone wonderful without a problem.  Did you write about The Bachelor?  Head over HERE to Mama Kat's to link up!

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Kim said...

Vienna should have been gone a LONG time ago! I really like Tenley and Ali! Jake must have a thing for brown eyes. The final 5 all have brown eyes. I didn't notice that until DH pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

I have to watch the Bach online as Mr. S rolls his eyes if I even check the guide to see when it's on. It is a great guilty pleasure!

Over from SITS. :)

Kerry said...

LOVE your take on the Bachelor. It's pretty similar to mine. ;)

Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

Just One Week said...

I've missed the past few episodes - but nosy Ali has been bothering me. I also think the Bach. this year is a really, really bad actor. I just don't believe him - ever! Keep up the great recaps.

Carolyn, Mike, Portia and Addie said...

totally agree, that water is cold!! i probably would jump in though. I did in November just for fun before our wedding. brrrr...

I cant stand Tenleys voice. Ugghhh horribly whiny and cutesy. barf. Corrie is my fav. All the rest can go.

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