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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten On Tuesday...

Okay here we go again - Ten Favorite Things on Tuesday. Play along, leave comments!

10 Favorite Characters from Television

Note: These are in no particular order, just the order they come to mind.

1. McDreamy. Aka Dr. Derek Shepard from Grey's Anatomy. Who wouldn't love him? He has amazing hair, that smile and those eyes, plus he makes scruffy look good! Beyond his looks though, he saves lives, AND he is hopelessly in love with Meredith who has a crap-ton of problems. He just doesn't give up on her and their love, what a man! Plus his best friend is pretty hot too.

2. Samantha Who? Aka Christina Applegate. Now, I haven't really enjoyed her on previous shows, she was funny enough in The Sweetest Thing, but for some reason I love her in Samantha Who? I think the idea of the show is unique and I think they make it very funny every week. I'm very sad that this show is now ending, I don't know why, I watched it every week and always laughed!

3. Hotch from Criminal Minds. He certainly isn't the hottest male on the cast, but he is my favorite. I like his voice when he's being all smart and FBI like. He always seems soo real. He is the one with a family, with the sadness to him, it just makes me like him.

4. Chandler from FRIENDS. He was always my favorite, although I was a bit more like Monica. I even married my very own Chandler. He was soo witty, I loved his jokes, and he always had the best facial expressions. Then he falls in love with Monica and gets all sappy about being married to her and having a baby, it's just soo sweet. The whole cast was great, but really Chandler won my heart.

5. Brandon Walsh & Kelly from 90210. Yep, I'm taking back a bit. I could just pick one of them and cheat and use another for #6, as this is getting tough to think of people, however on the show you couldn't have one without the other. I loved watching this show, and I wish I could find more reruns of it on tv now. Brandon and Kelly were soo sweet together, they made me happy. I always wanted to have love like that. And when Kelly had troubles, like she was raped, he was there for her.

6. Aiden from Sex and the City. Oh Aiden. And no, i'm NOT naming my son after a tv character. I love the name all on it's own right. Okay, back to Aiden. I must admit, I do love Mr. Big too, but Aiden treated Carrie so well. He really loved her, he wanted to help her be a better person, like quit smoking for example. He has the best voice, and he is good with his hands and had his own carpenter shop. Then after Carrie BROKE HIS HEART, he found love again and had a baby. He was a good man.

7. Elliott from Law & Order SVU. Again, he falls in the category like Hotch. He is just soo real. He has a failing marriage, a teenage daughter who has run-ins with the law. He was in the military and has a lot of life experience. When it comes right down to it though, he is 100% committed to his job and he does anything (and sometimes crosses the line) he can for justice. Plus, he's not too bad on the eyes.

8. Izzy & George from Grey's. Okay so I did my best to leave all the Grey's cast off my list, even though I really do love them all. But try as I might, Izzy & George keeping coming to mind. They are a couple, in my mind, just like Brandon & Kelly, and they belong together. I knew Izzy was getting sick last season, but I just didn't want to see it. Now of course George was the ultimate shocker in the plot. I bawled like a baby when he died and they were shown together at the end, him in his uniform. Perhaps because I was pregnant at the time, but it just devastated me. Of course we now know George will be gone for good, but Izzy will be returning.

9. Oprah. Now, this may be breaking the rule, as she isn't really a character, but she is on TV and has been for a LONG time, so she's on my list. She is an inspiration to me. I think she wants nothing more than to help others and I love the topics of almost all of her shows. She is generous, and she is a real person. She is open about her battle with weight, which is refreshing to people like me who have always dealt with it as well. She deserves a spot on anyone's list.

10. Austin from Days of Our Lives. *Sigh* Oh he was soo my favorite on this show. I have watched days since I was in like 4th grade. I love it still, and my husband is now a fan too. Austin hasn't been on for YEARS, but he was a good guy. I can't remember a single thing he ever did that was wrong. Sami lied to him, about him, and flat out ruined him. She ruined his marriage to Carrie at one point, then Carrie cheated on his with Dr. Mike and left him. Poor guy, I miss him. He was handsome too. Oh, I wish they'd bring him back.


Dez said...

like McDreamy too.

here's mine! hope you could visit. :)

Becca said...

Great list!!!! But I really think McSteamy is cuter than McDreamy lol And I loved Austin on DOOL when I was younger :)

Judi said...

Love the pictures! Who knew Aidan from SATC could look that good?! Great list! And, I agree about Oprah.

Myco said...

Oohhh.. A fellow grey's fan! :) I totally adore George and Izzie. They're like BFF's both in the show and in real life too.

Bawled like a baby too on the season finale. Whew..
Here's my list

~KC~ said...

Awesome list! Elliot from SVU would be on mine as well. He's such a great character.

Just Me said...

Pretty great list! I always loved Chandler, too. I hated when that show ended!

The guy who played Austin on Days is now on Another World. I used to watch Days, but I haven't seen that in years. I only recognized the guy who played Austin in a promo for Another World. I was wondering if Sami drove him so crazy he had to switch soaps! LOL!

:-) Stacey

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Great list! Lots of my favorites on there too! McDreamy and Oprah being at the top!

Marian said...

I can't get enough of the SVU marathons on USA...the main reason being Eliot!!

My list would include Grissom from CSI. Tres swoon!!

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